Hey there party peeps, how’s it hanging? It’s a rather dreary day here in London but hey, it’s not snowing. I’ll take it.



The past couple weeks have been a whirlwind of birthday celebrations (we have a lot of March babies in the family) and time spent with family. We actually still have a few birthday’s left to celebrate – Steve’s is tomorrow and his Grandma’s is on the weekend.


Me, my sister and our cousin Cyra



Aside from birthdays, and the cake that accompanies them, I’ve been busy working on some new things myself. With summer approaching it’s time to start thinking about different classes we can run at our gym. I love being able to bring some of our workouts outside, it’s a nice chance of scenery. Along with planning for boot camps I’ve been hammering out some strength programs for my clients, both for people I train in person and online. The majority of my client’s goals are to see continual strength gains, this doesn’t mean setting a new personal record every week, but it does mean they want to see improvement often. Training people for strength is my favourite type of programming to write up, I find when people focus on strength, aesthetics come naturally.



As I work with a rather large female client base, I’m always hearing new ideas and ways that they stay motivated and on track. One of my clients recently told me about a workout motivation jar that she and a co-worker had started using and I loved the idea.



Basically you take a mason jar (or some sort of clear container you can see inside) and for every workout you complete, you add a $1 to the jar.






Your workouts also don’t all have to be gym related – if you take your dog for a walk, use the stairs at work, do some yoga on your own at home – it’s your jar, you make the rules.



When the jar is full, take the money you’ve saved and  get yourself a new workout outfit or treat yourself to a massage. I think it’s an awesome way to keep yourself on track and be consistent. If you look on Pinterest you’ll see lots of ideas pop up if you search ‘workout jar’.



I’ve gotta run, gotta get my own workout in and then head to Costco for some groceries. Make it an awesome day.






Workout Motivation Jars
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