Hey there! Hope everyone had a killer week and is gearing up for an awesome weekend. I am SO excited for Thanksgiving and getting to visit and catch up with everyone.


Many people have asked if I will be following my contest prep over the long weekend, and the answer is yes! I am 7 weeks out as of tomorrow (eek!) and I want to make sure I stay on point so I can bring the best me I can to that stage. I am going to be packing up all my own delicious food with me so I know that I will have everything I need. I have stuck to a nutrition plan over a holiday before and I have no doubt I can do it again.


A lot of people have commended me for the willpower to stick to my plan when there will be so much temptation around and have said that ‘they could never do that’. Well, why not?


Really there is no reason that anybody can’t stick to their fitness and health goals over long weekends or during celebrations. Sure you may not have to be as strict as I’m going to be but if you have a goal in your mind that you are working towards there is absolutely no reason that you cannot overcome temptation and stick to your plan. Reaching your goals is up to you and you alone. You are responsible for the decisions that you make and those small decisions over time add up and create who you are.


Yes the holidays bring some amazing food and treats that I won’t be able to indulge in this weekend but that is MY choice. When people go for dessert and they come back with their plate and see me just sipping on tea they look at me with this sad face and say ‘sorry’. 



Don’t feel sorry! You shouldn’t feel sorry for anyone who is actively working towards their goals, it is their choice. You should encourage them!


Similarly, if you are following a nutrition plan don’t make others around you feel bad for their choices. There’s nothing worse than someone who is watching what they are eating preaching to others about what they should and should not be having and guilting them out of enjoying the food they want to. Just like I don’t want people to judge me, I don’t judge anyone else’s eating habits.


This year for Thanksgiving I’m just really going to focus on enjoying everyone’s company, yes the holidays are about food, but first and foremost they are about being together with the ones you love.


Here are a  couple of tips I will for anyone who is following a meal plan over the holidays:


  1. Plan Ahead – Be prepared and pack up some food to bring along with you so you have no excuse not to stick to your plan
  2. Inform the host that you are on a meal plan so that they know you are going to be bringing some things of your own
  3. Don’t show up hungry! Eat something before you head over so that your tummy isn’t rumbling the minute you get there
  4. Hydrate – Drink lots of water throughout the evening
  5. Focus on enjoying the people around you
  6. When others are having dessert, grab some tea or coffee. If your meal plan allows for it – have some fruit
  7. Have the right attitude. Be positive about your situation. You are doing this because you want to, not because anyone is forcing you to. Don’t make others feel sorry for you



I hope this helps out anyone else that is prepping or trying to stick to their meal plans over the weekend.


I’m off to make up my grocery list for tomorrow. My mom is coming over and we’re making pasta salad, a fruit and veggie platter (which will be shaped like a turkey) pilgrim hat cookies and a cookie dough brownie pie! Just because I can’t indulge doesn’t mean I don’t want others to enjoy!


If you want you can stalk me on instagram as I’ll be posting pictures of my creations as I make them tomorrow. I <3 instagram stalkers 😉


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Willpower & Contest Prep Over Thanksgiving
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