Hope everyone is having an awesome week so far – this week feels like it’s flying by for me. The weather in London is finally starting to co-operate and I’m hoping we finally have a nice weekend as we have a family BBQ on Sunday at Steve’s parents and I want to go for a swim.



Thanks so much for the kind words on my announcement of my next competition date! I am so excited and am really loving putting my training and eating plan together. Steve, as always, is being awesome and amazing like he always is. I feel bad because sometimes I bombard him with questions. He is the best, I’m very lucky.



Also, while we’re talking about the competition I have to say that I will most definitely be rocking a costume for the sportswear round. I think I may even compete in both the bikini and fitness model division…why not right?


Alright so I thought I’d link up (for the second week in a row – I’m getting my $hit together) for Jenn’s awesome WIAW party.


P.S. I actually started updating my training and food log again, so pop on over if you want to see my daily eats and training. I’m going to do my best to keep it current.



Since I’m going to be adding in more veggies to my daily eats I wanted to find a way to do so without it costing an arm and a leg so my mom and I went to United Supermarket, an Asian grocery store here in London.


I’ve been there a few times before and honestly don’t know why I don’t go there all the time for produce. Everything is so much cheaper! Plus they have such an amazing variety of food, some of which I’d never even heard of.


20130709_112431 20130709_111335 20130709_111250 20130709_111241 20130709_111015 20130709_110951

I didn’t want to snap too many pictures because….well then I look like a bigger weirdo than I already am



I will be the first to admit that the first time I went there I was a bit intimidated. There were so many things that I didn’t know what they were or how to use them and a lot of the packaging I can’t read. However the people that work there are really helpful and now I enjoy perusing through things and exploring new things.


I Purchased:

– Chinese Broccoli – never had it

– Napa Cabbage

– Baby Bok Choy

– Assorted coloured peppers – I got 7 for $1.58! That’s nuts!

– Romaine Lettuce

– Potatoes


– Asparagus

– Sweet Onions

– Green Zucchini

– Yellow Zucchini

– White Zucchini

– Japanese Eggplant

– Canned Coconut Milk

– Green Curry Paste

– Chili Garlic Sauce – found a super low sugar one


I now have a fridge jam packed with veggies, I love it. Last night I roasted some of the veggies for a side for our dinner.


20130709_210046 20130709_21120420130709_215356

BBQ drumsticks, roasted veg, pasta


I made extra to have on hand and this morning I pan-steamed some other veggies too.


20130710_110031 20130709_211350


I just shredded the Chinese broccoli (on the right in the picture above), napa cabbage and baby bok choy and steamed it in the pan for a few minutes. After it had cooked down I added some low sodium soy sauce and the chili garlic paste I got.


I should have some of my own veggies by the end of summer too. The tomatoes and peppers I planted are actually flowering! This is big for me because I have a tendency to kill plants.


20130710_091059 20130710_09112120130710_091129


So those are some of the veggies I’ll be enjoying this week. Cooking up a bigger batch makes it so much easier to enjoy them throughout the week. One thing I refuse to make in advance is the omelette’s Steve and I enjoy every day. I like those to be fresh made – which is kinda weird because I’ll make my egg muffins in advance. I had the time this morning so I took a video for instagram (@PowerhouseChels) of me making my omelette, just because





Make it an awesome day!!!


WIAW – Loading Up on Veggies
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