Hey hey! Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely Wednesday so far. Mine is going pretty awesome. I managed to do some kettlebell swing & med ball slam tabata and some more prowler pushes and drags. My knee still isn’t 100% and I need to give it some more rest. Yesterday I aggravated it by doing (what I thought) were easy jumps, but that seemed to flare it up a bit. The thing is the jumps were for the video I shot for you guys (below), not even for my own bench workout for the day. See how much I care about you!


Speaking of yesterdays bench workout, I kinda rocked it. I hit 125lbs for 2 and it felt really awesome. I also got all of the chinups Steve had programmed in for me. I did 7,6 and 6. I do the chinups between my bench sets and they felt really good too. Each week Steve adjusts the numbers to keep me progressing. My max right now is 14 and I really want to hit 15 the next time I try!



So, now it’s time for me to share what I’ve been stuffing my face with lately. Check out Jenn’s blog for more yumminess.


I promise to give you full details on my meal plan soon


I’m still doing the whole no breakfast thing over here (no not intermittent fasting) and loving it! While it was really weird for me to think of not eating breakfast (it’s always seen as the most important meal of the day) the adjustment took no time at all and I LOVE it! No what I’m doing wouldn’t work for everyone, but for me, it works. And it’s all about figuring out what works for you!


So here’s what my breakfast consists of:




Coffee + coconut oil + cream


Yes I put real cream in my coffee (and sweetener). Steve adds whipping cream to his for the added fat and calories.


Then at around 1:00pm I had my first actual meal of the day.



2 Egg + 2 Egg White Omelette w/ Peppers, Ham & Cheese


Roasted Red Pepper Sauce on Top


Later in the afternoon I munched on this:


2013-01-30 14.45.522013-01-25 11.10.52

Mixed Nuts & Low Carb Protein Powder Muffin {recipe here}



In between clients and bootcamp I ran into the back and stuffed my face with this:


2013-01-30 14.46.22

Whipped Cottage cheese + protein powder + coconut + chia seeds

(eating out of the container saves on tupperware clean up)



Finally I went home and made Steve and I some dinner. I kept it pretty simple since I didn’t get home until about 9pm.



BBQ chicken drumsticks, potatoes, veggies


All in all a pretty simple day of eats. I’m looking forward to the weekend because my little sister (she’s only 4 years younger than me) is coming down from Toronto for a visit. I’m going to see if she can take some more pictures of the boys at work in the gym while she’s down. She takes amazing pictures. Check out her site here, she’s even got some of me on there! We’re also planning on going out for Chinese. Steve does not care for Chinese and Alyx and I love it, so we’re going to take advantage.


Well, here is that workout I mentioned at the beginning of this post. It can be done at the gym or at home because you just need a bench and your awesome self. Give it a whirl!



bodyweight bench workout


Hope you have a happy hump day – Check ya later!

WIAW & Bodyweight Bench Workout {Video}
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