Well hey there folks! How’s your week treating you so far? Mine…well mine has actually been pretty great so far. Last week I was struggling in the energy department. I was a bit under the weather and you combine that with a pretty strict diet and intense exercise regime – I was just plain exhausted. I’m very happy, and super thankful, that my energy seems to have come back to me. This is a good thing because at this point, all my workouts can make a difference.



I feel pretty good at 10 days out – well, most of the time – some times I look at myself and think “ya, you’re totally going to rock this!” and other times I focus on the things I wish would hurry along and lean the hell out already. It doesn’t help that I’m a little bloated due to good old mother nature, but hey better now then next week!



I’ve been working on my posing and think I have it all down at this point. It seriously hurts my quads and low back to flex, stick my booty out, pop my hip, twist my waist and smile all at once without looking like a total goober but I’m happy with my pose selections and hope they make me pop on stage.



Tire flips + prowler ‘cardio‘. No treadmill here.



My workouts are still high volume this week but that will come to an end on Friday and then it’ll just be some light work from then until the Thursday before the show.



I’m getting really excited to see some of my family who are making the trip to London to watch me, I’m really grateful for their continued support. I’m also really looking forward to Sunday brunch at our house. Last year I made a cinnamon bun french toast casserole and a sausage, egg, potato breakfast bake that I’m drooling about devouring again. Seriously though I cannot stop looking at the damn Betty Crocker website, so much sugary, buttery goodness.



It’s so. damn. good.



Alas I don’t get to devour that quite yet. My meals at this point are still tasty though – until next week when it’ll be a ton of asparagus and fish – so take a peak at some of my eats and then hop on over to Peas and Crayons to see more yum!







wiaw 10 days

 These are a combination of low carb and high carb eats from the past few days



Left to Right Starting at the top:

– Apple stuffed protein crepes with sugar free caramel sauce

– Sweet potato fried (with sugar free ketchup for dipping, duh!)

– Chicken, roasted pepper and rice bowl

– Fish, green beans, roasted veg

– Egg whites, broccoli, 1/2 homemade turkey burger

– Tons of veggies to snack on

– Zucchini & cod scramble thingy

– Baked chicken, roasted veg, salad

– Homemade cabbage slaw, love that stuff


Welp, that’s it. Sorry I don’t have more to share today. Once this show wraps I’ll have more free time – off to torture train some clients!



WIAW – 10 Days Out
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