Hey friends, happy Wednesday! I know most of us are stuck with not-so-nice weather right now. While I definitely don’t enjoy the frigid temps, heaps of snow and poor driving conditions I’m not going to bother complaining about it. It’s not going to change anything and things could always be far worse. I’m lucky to have a warm home to go to at the end of my work day and I get to share it with three awesome guys.


This one keeps stealing my spot on the couch



I also want to say thanks for the positive feedback on yesterday’s post on eliminating foods from your diet unnecessarily. I know there are a lot of ‘healthy living’ blogs that support this kind of thing but I just really don’t get it. I’ve also never had so many wonderful emails come in from you! Seriously, I love hearing from you guys and it was awesome that so many of you had questions, wanted advice or just wanted to say hi – it made my day! (hit me up chelsey@powerhousefitfoodie.com if you want to talk nutrition, training, rant, whatevs)   Getting on with it, today I’ll be linking up with Jenn for another edition of What I Ate Wednesday.



This morning started off with my new morning go to, bulletproof coffee




After my workout this morning I refuelled with some egg whites, oats, and cream of wheat.


I know, carbs during the day….the shock, the horror! As most of you know Steve and I have been carb backloading for well over a year now and really enjoy that style of eating. It allows me to eat bigger portions of carbs at night when I enjoy them most (and have actual time to eat). Shortly after the new year we started playing around with the idea of trying something new, just to see how we liked it. With both of us being so busy all day we were really only eating one massive meal at night and it was hard for us to fit everything in. We’re crazy busy at the gym from 3 – 8pm and then by the time we get home and have dinner ready it’s 9-9:30 and then we eat and are in bed by 11 (I know it’s an exciting life :P).


We’re just experimenting and seeing how it goes. I’ve always said that there are multiple eating styles and that you can have great success with a number of different ‘diet’ methods so this is just me playing around with things.


Along with said gross looking mixture above (which is 1/4 cup oats, 1.5 tbsp cream of wheat, 3/4 cup egg whites all cooked together with water) I also enjoyed a grapefruit.

Then I ran out to the bank and bulk barn (love that place) to pick up some dextrose, almonds, tea, kamut puffs and I saw these protein bars that were on sale so a grabbed a couple for Steve and I.



It was alright, a little dry for my liking.


After my boot camp class and before my small group I gobbled up some delicious Greek yogurt with chia, protein powder and goji berries.


I haven’t had my dinner/dessert tonight so you guys get a peek at what we chowed down on yesterday. Almond crusted chicken fingers, zucchini pasta and caesar salad.




After dinner I snacked on a yummy protein peanut butter cup – it was sooooo yummy!



Well folks my dinner for tonight is almost ready to be demolished (I started writing this post at 3:00….it’s now 9:42 haha). I’m hungry so I’m out for today.


WIAW {05/02} Trying Something Out
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