In my line of work I receive emails and instagram messages on a daily basis from women who are looking to ‘lose those last 10lbs quickly’.


dieting sucks


Seriously, if I had a dollar for every instance someone asked me for a quick fix, I’d have a pretty sweet little pile of cash. The problem with today’s society is that everyone wants everything done instantly.


We want our pizza in 20 minutes or less, we can deposit checks instantly using our mobile phones and we want weight that took us years to gain to magically fall off in a matter of days.


There’s skinny tea, those crazy wrap things, detoxes, smoothie diets and so many pills and powders I don’t even know where to start. The problem with all of the aforementioned ‘weight loss aids’ is that none of them teach you how to combat the actual problem. Even if that crazy wrap did help you drop an inch or so of water weight – what did you learn to sustain that weight loss?


skinny tea reality


In order to have lasting change, you need to be willing to learn to change your lifestyle because clearly something isn’t working. You need to address the physical and emotional things that come with weight loss and yes, I consider the emotional aspects to be incredibly important.


Many people have some sort of emotional tie to food. They use it as a comfort, as a reward, as stress release, to bring back childhood memories or to fill a void. These are all things that no skinny pill is going to solve. You need to learn how and why to fuel your body properly. You also need to find a way to move your body that feels good and allows you to build some lean muscle to help repair or improve your metabolism (AKA the biggest reason I love resistance training) and you need to have a strong why for changing.


Your why has to be stronger than your excuses.


I use the word excuses not to be unsympathetic but because it’s usually the truth. I’ve worked with a wide variety of people and over time I’ve learned that people who get the best results aren’t the ones who are crazy strict and go all-in for a week or two, rather it’s the people who stop making excuses for themselves.


They own up when they screw up. They don’t pass the blame onto family members or friends. They don’t try and justify their mishaps. They own up to it and they move onAnd trust me, I’ve heard every excuse under the sun at this point.


“My sister bought me cookies”
“My husband ordered pizza so I had to have some”
“My friend bailed on our workout and I couldn’t go by myself”


Instead of dwelling on their missteps, successful clients choose to look at where they went wrong and then we come up with a plan to prevent that from happening again. It’s not going to always be smooth sailing. There will most definitely be bumps in the road but the question is, how do you handle those bumps? Do you pass the blame or own up to it?


The truth of the matter is – everyone screws up. What separates my most successful clients from those who get OK or average results is that my successful clients take ownership.


Losing weight and getting in shape isn’t something anyone else can do for you. You can be given tools, support, education, motivation and a solid plan but you actually have to do the work. You have to show up. You have to make time. You have to prep food. You have to change your lifestyle. YOU have to do the work.


It takes time, it takes effort and it takes consistency. Consistency will always trump intensity because you can’t go balls to the wall long term.


If you’ve been struggling on your own, need some support, accountability, motivation and most importantly, a plan you can actually follow long term, sign up for the free 21 day challenge I’m running starting September 5th!



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Your Why Has To Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

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