Whaddup everyone? I hope everyone had an awesome weekend. Ours was super laid back and awesome.



Tyson is a big fan of lounging


Friday I had my mom come over to help me with my front yard. I finally bought flowers and am going to attempt to have a super pretty yard this year. I’ve never planted flowers or had a garden so I’m crossing my fingers I don’t screw it up too badly.



I totally forgot to take an after picture…oops



Thank goodness my mother is patient because I did not realize how much prepping was necessary before you can even plant your pretty flowers. I don’t know how people find it so relaxing…it was hard work! Granted we did have to dig up a few stubborn ugly shrubs and that really was the worst of it.




Tyson hung out with us and made sure everything looked good – he is a damn fine supervisor if I do say so myself.

It probably took us 3 hours to do that tiny little space in front of my house and I did not enjoy how much dirt I got under my fingernails. I know I could have worn gloves but I just don’t like the ones I have. I will admit though, I’m pretty proud of how it looks now and can’t wait until all of the little flowers bloom. I will take pictures and show off my greenish thumb.


I also planted some herb pots and tomatoes and peppers on Sunday. I used one of those upside down grower thingys so we’ll see how that works out. Fingers crossed!




I also got a wicked burn from all that gardening. I really didn’t realize how hot it was outside. Eeep!

However after I posted this picture someone suggested vinegar as a natural remedy so I googled it. Turns out black tea is high on the natural list too. Well if tea and vinegar were both recommended I figured I’d combine the two and see if it worked. Well….it totally did! It took the sting out instantly and I woke up Saturday morning with no signs of redness. Score! All I did was boil about 1 cup of water, let 2 black tea bags steep until the tea was at room temperature, add in about 1/4 cup vinegar and put it in a spray bottle. I sprayed my back 3-5 times, letting the solution totally absorb each time. Economical and effective – win!


Saturday I had had a couple clients and then ran an awesome class (I have a little workout idea from it that I’ll post tomorrow) and then I was deeeeelighted to get to workout with Amy (Steve’s sister) who was home for the weekend. FYI she just finished her first year of physio at Queens and I’m super proud of all the hard work she’s put in.




We did 5 sets of 20 goblet squats – increasing the weight each set. A huge superset of exercises and then finished off with battle ropes and abs. I was a sweaty mess the whole time and I absolutely loved it.


I also rocked out one of the under armour what’s beautiful challenges – the minute take down. You’re supposed to pick one of your least favourite exercises and go for it! I did man makers and they were tough. Those last few, the weights felt waaaaay heavier than they were.



After I cleaned myself up we made our way to the Junior Mustangs football game to watch some of our clients in action.


Our guys won 35-8


The weather was pretty crappy all weekend so we hung out around the house and ate delicious food including this yummy berry apple crisp that I whipped up while dinner was cooking.






Ok so now onto something that has been bothering me for a while. I pass by this magazine every time I’m in the grocery store so now I have to ask – Who the hell reads this magazine?




I mean really? Every single week this magazine has some amazing new diet that will help you ‘lose an inch every week!” Seriously! I don’t know how they get new readers each week because if their ‘diets’ actually worked you would never need to read another weight loss magazine again.


Here are just a few of the ridiculous covers:






























Did anyone else notice that the magazine above states that you can melt off 40lbs and get rich quick? Yikes! It’s information like this that gets the general public so confused about weight loss and makes them think that a quick fix is right around the corner. I’m sorry but if it really were that easy we wouldn’t be in the middle of an obesity epidemic. And don’t even get me started on Dr. Oz. I have a whole other post coming for that man.



Losing weight can be hard. It can be frustrating. I totally get that. Back in high school and early university all I wanted was a quick fix, but it never came. It was only when I realized that I would really have to work at it that I saw results I wanted. It was also at this time that I stopped jumping on the scale every chance I got and just started going based off how I was feeling.


Your body shouldn’t be about a series of numbers that define who you are, you should aim to be comfortable in your own skin. To be strong, body and mind and to have a healthy, sustainable relationship with food. That’s the only way you’re going to make it last.



What’s Up with Women’s World?

2 thoughts on “What’s Up with Women’s World?

  • June 5, 2013 at 9:06 am

    I have never purchased one of those magazines, in fact I don’t purchase any magazines since I find they are just a giant infomercial on paper, feeding on our inhibitions and weaknesses. Anyone else notice although they are advertising a DIET on every cover, there is a picture of some sweet sugar filled dessert to keep it company. Things that make you go “hmmmm”.

    • June 6, 2013 at 6:00 pm

      I know! I used to be a sucker for those OK! magazines for going to the beach and stuff like that but I haven’t purchased one in a few years. Yes it’s always diet and dessert on the cover. It’s no wonder people are so confused about what to eat!


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