Why is it that whenever people endeavour to begin a new eating plan they feel they must begin said plan on a Monday? Is Monday some magical special day that speeds up progress? Does starting on a Monday make it easier to stick to your plan? Or rather is starting on a Monday an excuse to procrastinate just a few more days so that you can eat junk food one or two more times before beginning?

If you are feeling motivated to begin a new eating plan and take on a healthy lifestyle then the time to begin is today – right now. Whether it be a Monday or a Thursday or any other day. Just because we think of the week as starting on a Monday does not mean that we have to begin everything on this day. If you’re motivated today, start today. By putting your goals off you are only putting yourself at a disadvantage. Who knows if you’ll still be this motivated on Monday, and do you really need a couple more days of eating like crap or is this just an excuse?

People who really want to change make it happen, others sit idly by and wait to make changes. Don’t wait – do it now.  

What is So Special About Mondays?

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