Things have been extremely busy over here this past month. The second half of March and beginning of April are filled with birthdays and Easter and we’ve had some things going on here at the gym that have had Steve and I very busy. Not too busy to celebrate our birthday’s though! I mentioned my festivities in this post but we wanted to get away just the two of us this past weekend to have some fun and because Steve’s birthday was yesterday. I love that our birthdays are so close – 9 days – because we always get to celebrate together.






So to get out of London for the weekend we headed down to Niagara Falls for Saturday night. Even though I grew up in St. Catharines and went to school in Niagara on the Lake, Niagara Falls is someplace I’ll never get sick of. There’s so much to do there – casino, restaurants, games, entertainment – and we always have a blast. We’ve been together over 7 years and we go at least once a year, it’s our quick little getaway and I love it.



We got down to the falls and checked into our hotel around 4 after working the morning at the gym and got busy walking around and exploring right away. We had dinner reservations at 8 so we had a few hours to kill. Our hotel was overlooking the falls so we walked down there first.






I never get over how beautiful the falls are or the sheer force and power of that water. After taking a leisurely stroll by the water we made our way up Clifton hill where all of the haunted houses, wax museums and arcades are. I LOVE arcade games. We always have a blast playing them and this was probably our most successful visit yet.




We won enough tickets to get a cute small stuffed animal. Do you know how many tickets you have to get just to get more than a silly spin top? We cleaned up in there. After walking around for a bit longer it was time for dinner. We ate at Remington’s Steak House, it was delicious!



Romantic lighting = bad pictures. Delicious steak and baked potato


We also enjoyed some wine, house baked bread and dessert. After dinner we made our way to the casino as we got some free vouchers from the hotel we were staying at for the slot machines there. The casino was super busy because it was Saturday night so we walked around for a bit before settling in to play some slots.


I’ll be totally honest here….I don’t understand how any of the slot machines I was playing worked. I would just press random buttons and hope for that happy ding ding ding sound. Neither one of us are really into gambling but hey, the vouchers were free and it was a fun way to spend some time.


We woke up the next day and had a massive breakfast at the applebee’s next door. Since we’re both carb-backloading, we usually don’t eat breakfast and if we do it’s eggs and bacon or something like that. Seeing as we were on a mini-vacation we broke protocol and both of us enjoyed hash browns, bacon, eggs, toast and pancakes. So yummy!


We did a little shopping at the outlets and spent the rest of Sunday in walking around Niagara-on-the-Lake, it was a perfect weekend!



I scored these cute flats for $8!



Tomorrow I’ll be back with a couple quick awesome shoulder and ab burners for you guys to do at home. I also updated my training and food log this morning. I’m trying to find a way to quickly update it from my phone, any ideas?

Weekend in Niagara
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