Friiiiddddaaaay! Anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? Steve and I have a fun date night planned for Saturday evening involving great steak and (hopefully) a funny movie. It’s been a little bit since we’ve done dinner and a movie and date nights are important. We may work together everyday but it’s not the same as enjoying each other’s company outside of the gym.






Dinner out is such a treat for us, I cook 95% of the meals we eat every week. We rarely get takeout and I’m just too cheap to spend money on something I can make myself. Plus, cooking is like therapy for me. I love coming home, turning on the TV (usually Food network or CNN – two totally different things I know) and zoning out in the kitchen for an hour. I could meal prep more so I save time but I legit enjoy chopping and prepping all of my veggies every night.





We eat A LOT of veggies throughout the week. We usually have roasted veggies or green beans plus a monster salad. I have resorted to using my smaller casserole dishes as salad bowls as the ones I used to use no longer suffice. Last night I wasn’t feeling salad so instead I sauteed up a bunch of spinach – kinda sad how much it reduces by.




Since cooking is my way of showing love I volunteered to cook dinner on Sunday for Mother’s Day. I’m still not certain what I’m making so I’m going to brainstorm tonight and see what I come up with. If anyone has a killer dessert recipe (that’s not crazy difficult) please share! I’ve been eyeing  How Sweet Eats and Sweet Tooth for some inspiration in that department as I lack imagination when it comes to dessert. I don’t like having to be precise with my measurements most of the time which I think is the main reason behind me baking so little. I’m definitely looking forward to cooking for the fam though.



I happen to have an early night tonight and I am super pumped to go home and finish my book. Does that make me lame? I’m also going to start pre-planning meal ideas/get a grocery list together for our trip out west in a couple weeks….I’m not helping my case any am I? Oh well, c’est la vie.



Hopefully I’ll get my act together and will get out a post before Friday one of these days…no promises though haha.



Cooking and Dessert Suggestions?

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