I am around guys a lot. At the gym we work with a large number of male clients and now I am again totally out numbered at home.


There’s Steve

So Serious



Don't touch his belly


And now Tyson

After a bath


Isn’t he just the cutest thing ever!? We were supposed to go get him on Friday but after phoning the owners on Sunday and hearing they had been cleared by the vet to go and some of his sisters had already been picked up we drove over and picked him up that very night. He is a Shepherd Mastiff with a little bit of lab in him too.


Just love his colouring


I just love love love him. He is with us the whole entire day as we bring him to the gym with us too. He’s the new mascot. I have already been taking a bunch of pictures and videos so you can look forward to lots of me bragging about him in upcoming posts.


My family weekend was awesome! It was so nice to have everyone up at our place for a weekend of fun. My godparents and sister and cousin arrive Friday and my aunt came down on Saturday afternoon.


We just stayed in at our place and got caught up and enjoyed each others company.


There was good food

Lots to choose from
big salad
Yummy Fresh Salad
Burgers, Chicken & Sausage Roasted Taters

Card Games that may or may not have involved drinking

This was a fun one

Other games



And good times with people I love.

I tried to do some advance planning so I could maximize time with the family and minimize time cooking. This was extremely helpful especially when it came to breakfast. I made two of my breakfast egg bakes, one with just meat and cheese and another with veggies and turkey bacon.

I also tried a new recipe and made up some overnight baked french toast. It was really yummy and can be totally sugar free. I’ll post the recipe for that recipe tomorrow.

Right now Tyson and I are going to hang out and then I’m going to teach my two classes of the evening.


Powerhouse Video of the Day:

Totally Out Numbered

One thought on “Totally Out Numbered

  • May 2, 2012 at 7:52 am

    Chelsey, Tyson is the cutest…cannot wait to meet him in person. I had a great time with everyone like we always seem to do and the eats were fabulous; especially breakfast! Love you,,,Weenie.


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