What a crazy month this has been! I first off wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy of my book, The Carbs After Dark Diet. To say your response has exceeded my expectations is an understatement. I cannot believe how many of you have grabbed a copy and are implementing the nutrition strategies and are already seeing such positive changes. I can’t wait to share some of your success stories here on the blog! Helping others reach their health and fitness goals is truly my passion and I feel so lucky to be able to connect with so many of you on a daily basis.

Now, I was planning on launching this to the blog earlier this week but once again I received an incredible response from people who were on my pre-launch list. There aren’t a ton of spots remaining but I wanted to give anyone who is serious about taking their body to the next level and seeing some awesome changes the chance to jump at this program.


This program is all inclusive and completely customized to your needs, goals and lifestyle. It includes custom workouts and nutrition, accountability and access to my brand new members site. You’ll have bi-weekly consults with me to ensure you’re progressing and seeing the results you should be. It includes everything you need to truly succeed. If you are serious about making change, this program is for you.

me bikini total body transformation

Smart, effective workouts and sensible nutrition


What I’m teaching my transformation clients is my exact system for how I’m able to stay consistently lean year round without the stress or endless amounts of cardio that traditional methods use. I am leaner now, without counting calories or tracking macros, than I was for either of my bikini competitions and I want to help you achieve amazing results as well. The systems I am teaching are the basis of my next book (which I’m so excited about!) and I would love to get to work with some of you amazing people before I have to cut off registration.

I am offering 3 and 6 month packages:


As a special thank you I am offering a $50 discount off my 3 month program and $100 off my 6 month package for being an awesome reader and following along on my journey. Simply enter the code TRANSFORM50 or TRANSFORM100 at the checkout and it will be applied.

It’s time to stop thinking and wishing for change and time to take action and make it happen! If you are serious about making a positive change, you need to get in on the action now before I close registration.

I am so excited to work with some of you ladies – you will absolutely LOVE the program!



Total Body Transformation Program

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