I often get asked what supplements I take and what I recommend for other people. I should start off by saying that supplements, even the all natural kinds are still something that can have a great effect on you and possibly interfere with other medications you are taking. Make sure you disclose and discuss all supplements you are taking with your doctor.

All right now that that’s off my chest I’ll carry on. There are a few basic things that I recommend to everyone and then there are things that are more specialized. 

Here are my top 2 that I recommend everyone should take:

Fish Oil

Fish oil is something I would recommend anyone and everyone taking. There are so many good things to be said about fish oil that I could go on and on. Fish oil contains the omega-3 fatty acids EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid). Fish oil can help with inflammation, immune function, help maintain a healthy heart and has been shown to help those suffering from Alzheimer’s and cancer. Studies are also being done on the effect of fish oil in women who are pregnant or breast feeding as it has been shown that it can help  improve attention and visual acuity. Fish oil also helps with overall brain function and is being used to treat those with depression and other mental health issues.

I take the Carlson brand pictured above. I like the liquid form because I only need to take it in the morning and at night whereas the capsules you usually take throughout the day. It has a pleasant lemon taste and can also be bought in orange.

Vitamin D

Recently it has been said that for the money, Vitamin D is one of the most essential and affordable supplements people should be taking. Vitamin helps maintain bones and muscle but it also does a ton of other good things for us. It helps boost our immune function and can reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. Here are a few points from an article I read on T-Nation:

 If you’re looking to purchase Vitamin D be sure to get Vitamin D3 kind.

 I also take the Carlson brand of Vitamin D (their supplements are reasonably priced). I was taking the 2000 IU twice a day and am now taking 5000 IU once a day.

Now here are a couple others that I recommend:

ZMA – This one is one that I would recommend more for guys or girls who train hard in the weight room.

“ZMA is a scientifically designed mineral-support formula that can dramatically increase natural levels of anabolic hormones and improve athletic performance. In fact, if taken as recommended, ZMA can increase free testosterone by 30% while boosting IGF-1 levels significantly.” (Article here) It also helps maintain proper sleep patterns and can lead to a deeper and less interrupted night’s sleep.
Vitamin B12  – Most people, especially us women are deficient in this vitamin.
“The main function of this vitamin is to control the proper functioning of brain and nervous system and also for the formulation of the blood in the human body. It is actually involved in the metabolism of most of the cell o f human body, especially those affecting the DNA synthesis and its regulation, but also fatty acid synthesis and energy production” (Read more here)
I’ll be posting more about my daily supplements including pre and post workout suggestions soon!

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