Happy Friday! I hope you all had a stellar week and have something fun planned for the weekend. Steve and I are laying low this weekend because next weekend….is our 7 year anniversary! Seven years, how crazy is that!? I plan on putting up a super cute post on how we met next week so stay tuned for romantic mushiness (not too much I promise).



I have to say, I absolutely love the blogging community! I have had so many bloggers write me to wish me luck in my upcoming competition – it really means a lot to me. Much thanks to Kierston,Tara, Meg, & Kristin.


A couple of people have asked me what supplements I’m taking and if I’m changing things up now that I have this new goal. I thought I’d post a little list of what I’m currently taking to fill you in.


***Before taking any supplements please make sure that they are right for you and won’t interfere with any medications – even natural supplements can effect current prescriptions & medications***


Fish Oil – I have talked about this in a previous post and I’m continuing to take these daily. I am currently taking them in pill form rather than liquid (they were on for a fantastic price). Be sure when buying fish oil that it has a high concentration, some brands require you to take 8+ capsules a day, crazy!


Vitamin D3 – Again, nothing new. I have been taking this for quite a while and now that fall is here and I’m not in the sun as much I’ve upped the dose a little bit.


BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) – Leucine, isoleucine and valine

These are pretty common for anyone that works out frequently. These are essential amino acids, meaning that we must ingest them as our bodies do not produce them on their own. They are metabolized in the muscle, rather than the liver and help reduce muscle breakdown.


I take 2.5 grams of this with my workout shake and sometimes 2.5 grams in my post workout shake – depending on how fatigued I feel


Leucine – While this is already found in my BCAA powder I take an extra 2.5 grams of this in my workout shake as it’s the most prevalent of the BCAA so I want extra of it in my workout mix.


Creatine – Some people think creatine is some crazy, steroid like substance which it totally isn’t.


Creatine is naturally found in the human body. It stores the essential source of energy (ATP) for all your muscles. The more saturation of creatine in your muscle, the more energy (ATP) your muscle has, which translates into more muscular power and endurance – Source


Creatine is present in beef, salmon, tuna, and sashimi as well as many other natural sources.


I take about 2.5 grams with my workout shake.


I will be cutting this out when I’m 6 weeks out as creatine can cause you to hold on to excess water – something I definitely want to avoid when I’m on stage!



That’s pretty much all I’m taking right now. Nothing new or crazy. I know some people spend a ton of money on supplements but these are ones I was already taking and they are relatively inexpensive. I’m also adding in more flax seed/oil to get in some healthy fats.



I’ve also had a couple people ask me if I use soy products so I thought I would address that now too. I don’t want to make this a big thing, and remember that this is just what I believe. You should never let one other person change your beliefs or habits, you should educate yourself and make your own informed decision. Man, it feels like I’m giving out lots of warnings and cautions these past few posts.



I personally do not ingest any soy products. I have a few personal reasons for not doing so which I guess I’ll fill you in on.


Quality – While many people say that soy is a complete protein source as it contains all of the essential amino acids, there is not enough methionine or lysine for me personally, to consider it a complete protein source. Just like many incomplete protein sources, it can be made complete by eating other foods that contain the amino acids it lacks, but I would rather just stick to sources that have higher amounts of all the essential acids.



In a 2005 study in the Journal of Nutrition, researchers comparing soy to casein concluded that “the biological value of soy protein must be considered inferior to that of casein protein in humans.” Among other disadvantages, the researchers found, a significantly larger portion of soy is degraded to the waste product urea. Moreover, it contributes to less protein synthesis in the body.

Read more at Men’s Health: http://www.menshealth.com/nutrition/soys-negative-effects/page/3#ixzz278fYtbdI


Estrogenic? – While there is still much to be debated over whether or not soy causes a rise in estrogen levels, the research is enough for me to stay away for the present time.


In a Harvard study published last year in the journal Human Reproduction, Jorge E. Chavarro, M.D., Sc.D., and his colleagues found a strong association between men’s consumption of soy foods and decreased sperm counts. Ninety-nine men reported their intake of 15 different soy-based foods, then underwent semen analysis. Those in the highest category of daily soy intake averaged 32 percent fewer sperm per milliliter of ejaculate than those who went sans soy.
Dr. Chavarro cautions that this doesn’t prove cause and effect, and that it’s too early to counsel men to avoid soy foods in the hope of boosting fertility. “But clearly, this story is just starting,” he says. “More studies need to be conducted.”


With countries like Israel, France, New Zealand, and Australia recommending that soy products be avoided or at the very least limited in infants because it has been linked to different asthma, allergies, and other immune disorders it just makes me wonder.


Soy seems to be in SOOOO many products today. It’s hard to find protein bars, shakes, and other health products that don’t contain some form of soy. I get it, soy is cheaper than whey or casein. I always diligently read labels and if a bar contains so as it’s protein source – see ya later!


Again this is just something that I personally follow. We are all responsible for educating ourselves and making decisions based on what we know. You should do what works for you and what makes your body and mind happy.



Oh and for the lovely Meg’s High Five Friday!




I want to give big shout outs to Laurie and Amanda. They both started training again and I’m soooo proud of them for pushing forward with their fitness goals.


I also want to give my sister Alyx a high five for going after her dreams and doing what makes her happy.

She kinda rocks!


Hope you all have a super duper weekend! Get out there and MOVE!

Supplements & Soy

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  • September 23, 2012 at 7:51 am

    YAY FOR YOUR SISTER! <3 gosh what a gorgeous picture <3 would love to meet her some day! <3 I know I'd love her if she's anything like you, Chels <3

    Have a great weekend with Steve, I know how excited you were!! <3 You told me about the anniversary get away long ago! Happy anniversary to the both of you, hun xo
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    • September 24, 2012 at 1:34 pm

      We leave this coming weekend and I can’t wait!!! I love getaways, even if it only is for 3 days! My sister will be down for my figure show, she’s a doll!


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