Hey there! Hope you’re all having a great Tuesday so far. Thought I’d post a short video of the conditioning session Amy I did yesterday following our squat session. My lungs were absolutely on fire when I finished, I’m assuming it’s the result of me getting over being sick. It felt really good to push myself though.

Sprints are great because they can be done almost anywhere, require no equipment, and get your cardio done and over with fast! This is a great variation to just straight sprints. Give it a go!

I’ll be back later with a suggestion for some workouts you can do at home, check the Get Fit Tab!

Suicides & Sprints w/ Amy!
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One thought on “Suicides & Sprints w/ Amy!

  • April 17, 2012 at 10:23 am

    I unquestionably go along with the things that you stated. Sure, health and fitness is absolutely wealth and all of us really should learn to take attention and care of the body in order in order to live our existence to the fullest extent.


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