Hey all! Hope you had a fab weekend, I know I did. As I mentioned in my last post Saturday was my mom’s 50th birthday! So what did we do? Well I wouldn’t tell her where we were going and we got in the car and just started driving.


My mom got a little nervous when we left London and started heading out toward the country. ‘Are you taking me to a home?’ she asked, lol. We’ve had an ongoing joke that as soon as she turned 50 we were going to ship her off to a home. I definitely was not taking her to a home, but she really had no idea where we were headed.


After about an hour of driving we arrived in the lovely, quaint town of Stratford (which many tweens also know as the birthplace of Justin Bieber).


Yes that is ‘the Biebs’ on the steps of the theatre in Stratford before he made it big


We parked the car and got ready to do some exploring. Since we were both famished we knew we wanted to grab a bite to eat first. I LOVE the food network and I really like that show ‘You Gotta Eat Here’



I had heard about this little place called Boomer’s Gourmet Fries. They specialize in…fries! More specifically, poutine. I decided to get the salsa poutine, and my mom got the black bean chili fries and we split a ‘burgschetta’ burger.






The fries were pretty good. The salsa was a little lacking in flavour in my opinion but they were still really fresh and yummy. But that burger…amazing. My mouth was in heaven the whole time we were eating it. It was bruschetta mixture and goat cheese and I enjoyed every last bite.



We ate our food down by the water and got to enjoy some live music too!




Once we gobbled down our lunch we roamed the streets and made a stop in at a delicious chocolate store where we picked out some delicious goodies to sample. We also got some gelato to share. Tiramisu and wildberry. Perfection.





My mom had no idea but I had purchased tickets to an afternoon show. So after having to rush her along we arrived at the studio theatre to see the play ‘The Best Brothers’.



It was wonderful! No elaborate set, very minimalistic and just 2 actors on stage the entire time. I love that type of theatre. It was an extremely intimate theatre and I loved that 2 people could engage 260 of us for a full hour and a half.


After the show we wandered around some more and found ourselves at a store that had chocolate dipped cheesecake on a stick. Needless to say my mom indulged.




She savoured every last bite of that cheesecake.


After that we just walked around, snapped some pictures and enjoyed the scenery and each other’s company.




It was a lovely afternoon.



Saturday night we went to a buck and doe for some friends of ours, but I forgot to bring my camera.


Sunday morning I got to enjoy more family time. This time it was with Steve’s family. His Oma and Opa were celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary. They are the cutest couple and we had an amazing afternoon together.





We played bocce ball, the boys played basketball, Tyson got to hang out with his new best friend Lucy (while Carmin hid up a tree) and we enjoyed a dip in the pool. There was also some fabulous food, which I scarfed down without stopping to take a breath let alone remember to take pictures of it so you’ll just have to trust me when I say it was dee-li-cious!



Well that about sums up our weekend, I enjoyed every minute!




What did you get up to this weekend?




Stratford Surprises & 55 Years of Love
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2 thoughts on “Stratford Surprises & 55 Years of Love

  • July 30, 2012 at 10:43 pm

    I only decided to read today’s blog because there’s a picture of the Biebs. He sucks me in every time… (jokinggggggg, obvi)

    Salsa on fries? That’s an interesting combo! How’d the flavours mix? Did it make the fries soggy?

    • July 30, 2012 at 11:03 pm

      Lol….oh the Biebs. The fries didn’t get soggy but the salsa itself wasn’t flavourful enough, it needed more spice!


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