When it comes to exercise and healthy eating many people are plagued with the ‘all or nothing’ syndrome.




If they can’t workout in a gym or their eating isn’t 100% on point they simply avoid exercise all together and their eating habits take a nasty turn for the worse. The whole ‘well I’ve already screwed up by having a not-so-healthy breakfast, I might as well just start over Monday’ mentality kicks in and they completely veer off course and derail any progress they were making during the week.


This is especially true when people are thrown out of their normal routine. If you don’t have time to prep food or make it to your workout class people tend to make less than stellar choices. Instead of getting a salad with lean protein because they didn’t pack a lunch they opt for a calorie laden meal with little nutritional value. Instead of doing some bodyweight movements at home they throw in the towel and say screw it.


The secret to getting and staying lean isn’t rocket science. It’s simply being persistent with your healthy decisions and making good decisions more than you make poor ones. Consistency trumps intensity¬†and you need to be willing to make small sacrifices and changes on a regular basis.


This means choosing healthy meals even when you go out to eat (especially if you dine out regularly) and getting in exercise on a regular basis, even if it means working out at home.


People think 10-20 minutes of bodyweight work won’t make a difference in the long run – it absolutely can. In 10-20 minutes you can get your heart rate up, work various muscle groups and improve your cardiovascular endurance. You can build lean muscle, burn fat and do wonderful things for your metabolism all in 20 minutes.


I put together a really simple bodyweight exercise routine you can do absolutely anywhere that doesn’t require any equipment or a ton of time.


No Excuses Bodyweight Workout | www.powerhousefitfoodie.com

Here’s a video of the superman and scap squeeze

For those of you lucky enough to have access to some weight (heck you can even use a weighted backpack for the goblet squats) here’s a really simple but totally effective workout.


20s and 10s workout ladder | www.Powerhousefitfoodie.com


So stop complicating things, stop thinking 20 minutes isn’t enough time and get to work. The difference between weight loss success and failure is in all of the small choices you make day in and day out – so start making more positive decisions.


Something is always better than nothing.



Something Is Better Than Nothing + Bodyweight Workout
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