Whenever you skip a meal you are doing a disservice to your body and sabotaging your weight loss goals.

When we think about food and weight loss we tend to assume that we need to eat less to lose more. This simply isn’t the case. We need to eat less over processed crap, but not necessarily less food. Healthy foods typically have fewer calories so you may even get to eat more food while trying to lose weight.

The thing with skipping meals is that every time you deprive your body of food for an extended period of time your metabolism is going to slow down so that your body can conserve energy for when it needs it next. This is built into human beings as a survival tactic. By consistently fuelling your body throughout the day your metabolism will stay revved up because your body is being fed more often. 

Your body is like a car, it needs fuel to run. You can either put premium in the tank and have it run smoothly or you can put the cheap stuff in and have maintenance issues. If the car is low on gas it may stall or slow down, but if you constantly keep topping up the tank you can just keep going.

People who eat small meals throughout the day typically have more energy than those who only eat two or three times a day. People who eat smaller meals also tend to consume fewer calories overall because they don’t allow themselves to get to that place where you’re super hungry and will eat anything in sight. If you haven’t eaten in five hours you are going to be far more hungry than someone who eats every three hours. Hunger can lead to poor food decisions and overeating . 

This is what happens you:

  1. Skip a meal
  2. Your metabolism slows down
  3. You end up being famished so you
  4. Stop to get some crap over processed high fat food
  5. Which you eat three times as much of because you’re so damn hungry
  6. Which makes you feel sluggish and tired so you don’t exercise that day because you have no energy

That’s one dietary mistake that snowballs into many more.

Bottom line is that when you’re trying to lean out you don’t need to eat less necessarily, just less crap. It’s also way easier to stick to a meal plan if you’re eating more often because then you won’t be hungry and crave bad foods. Hunger leads to bad decisions so just don’t let yourself get to that point. Eat more often and your body will thank you with extra energy and a leaner physique.

Skipping Meals

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    Great article Chelsey!
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