The nutritional scale that is.

Some people have asked why my nutrition plan uses grams and oz instead of cups or something more easily measurable. Well I have the answer to that question: People lie and cheat

That’s definitely overflowing

 If your meal plan says to have 1/3 cup of oats but you are super hungry that morning you may overfill that measuring cup by quite a bit but not feel like you’re cheating because heck, it’s still in the cup! With a food scale you don’t have that option, 40 grams is 40 grams and 4 ounces is 4 ounces. When you measure food on a scale you are not able to get away with anything.

I highly recommend a nutritional scale if you’re trying to watch what you eat. Some people view them as being overly restrictive and conducive to a ‘dieters mentality’ however I find mine to be extremely helpful.

There are certain foods which are really easy to overeat like cheese, nuts and things of that nature. Having a scale will help you learn proper portions and some even keep track of what you’re eating throughout the day.

I picked up our scale from Canadian Tire for $20. It’s made by Starfrit and is really easy to use and converts things from kg, oz, g, and lbs.

This is the exact model I have

If you eat fairly healthy and are having a hard time dropping extra weight a nutritional scale may be a good idea.

The Scale Doesn’t Lie…

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