Wasn’t really feeling it before I worked out but dove in anyways and felt much better after finishing, as I usually do. I’ve slightly tweaked my shoulder so I opted to use the safety squat bar. If you’ve never used one of these you’re missing out. Anyways here’s the video and the breakdown is below:

1. Box (tire) jumps – 6 x 2
2. Squats
115 x 5
130 x 5
145 x 3
160 x 3
3. Goblet Squats – 5 x 10 with less than 60 sec between sets
Started these with a 35lb dumbbell but wanted more of a challenge so bumped it up to 45lbs                           for the last 4 sets
4a) Rear leg elevated split squats (RLESS) 4 x 8 per leg
b) Glute Ham Raise – 4 x 10
5. Did some ab work which I forgot to video….ooopsie

Safety Squats, Jumps & Lower Body

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