Hope everyone had a super dooper weekend. Mine kinda seemed to fly by. Last night I thought it was Saturday and got kinda pissed when I realized that the weekend was almond over. Anyways I woke up full of energy and my Monday is off to a great start. I smashed through my squat workout nailing 185lbs x 4 and doing some pretty gnarly prowler/running suicides.


Even though my weekend may have felt short I did an awful lot. Here is some of the fun I partook in.


Steve and I finally went to Relish, the gourmet burger place here in London. Here is a look at the deliciousness we encountered:


Pretty Extensive Menu
Burgers n' beer = amazingness


Steve’s burger was made up of 2 grilled cheese for buns

Steve's 'Grilled Cheese Burger'


My burger had mac n’ cheese & bacon on it

My 'Hungry Frat Boy' burger & poutine


The gravy that was on that poutine was out of this world crazy good. This was definitely not a healthy meal but on occasion Steve and I like to go out and treat ourselves.


Date Night


Mid morning Sunday we headed over to the local powerlifting meet to watch the competition. I have never been to an actual meet and I learned a lot about the sport itself and the rules that are involved.



I’ve gotta admit, it kinda made me want to try it. Just once to say I did it. After watching some of the ladies I think I would be able to hold my own. I don’t know why but the idea of lifting in front of people intimidates me so maybe it’ll be a future goal to set for myself.


Sunday night we went over to Steve’s parents house for dinner. Steve’s sister and I prepared the food so Mary could enjoy the evening. We had quite the feast of  BBQ beef fillets & chicken, bacon wrapped asparagus bundles, rice noodles w/ peanut sauce, scalloped potatoes, and a healthy cookie dessert. I totally forgot to take pictures of the meal…oooopsie, but I assure you it was good.


On our way to his parents house this family of geese crossed the road in front of us and I just had to snap a picture.

So Cute



Anyways that’s my weekend recap. Stay tuned this week for more home workouts and more video of my personal workouts.


Powerhouse Video of the Day:

Powerlifting & Relish

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