Hey there! Can you all believe I have posted 4 days in a row!!! I really am trying to be more consistent and with the formatting of my blog being fixed it allows me to just focus on writing instead of boring html coding stuff.



Moving on, I thought it would be fun to share a quick workout with you guys every Saturday. I know some people can’t make it to the gym on Saturday, or they prefer to workout at home. I also know that sometimes you need a little inspiration to get up and get moving. This is where the Powerhouse Weekend Workout comes in. I’ll share something quick, relatively simple, and something that can be modified to suit your fitness level and be made to work in the gym or at home. So enough talking, let’s sweat it out!



powerhouse weekend workout



Today’s workout is a timed, interval HIIT workout. As you may have noticed, I’m a fan of countdown workouts. I like knowing that each round gets easier as it motivates me to keep pushing it. This workout starts out with 60 sec rounds and works down to 10 sec rounds.




max hiit




Change up the exercises

Make them easier/harder depending on your fitness level (squats/high knees/jumping jacks/pushups is a good beginner one)

Change the amount of exercises

If you’re a beginner start with 3, if you’re more advanced try 5




You really want to push yourself with this workout, give it all you’ve got while maintaining proper form

There is no rest between exercises, transition right from one exercise to the next

If you want an online timer to use, click HERE



Get Sweaty!!!



P.S. For more workouts, click HERE





Powerhouse Weekend Workout {9/28}
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