Ok so I’ve been on my new nutrition plan for long enough now that I’ve begun to see some great results! Besides dropping a few pounds (some of which is water weight) my stomach is definitely slimmer. Have you ever noticed how good your stomach can look in the morning and then by the end of the day it’s not so hot? Well now I’m happy and proud of my stomach all day long.

I am having some serious fruit cravings though and I think that’s been the most difficult part of this plan for me. I’m used to having 2 apples a day, some grapefruit, and a bowl of grapes at night and sometimes even more fruit. I’m a fruit-a-holic. However the results I’m getting have made it easier to stay on track. I do also miss cheese. I love a little bit of cheese on top of my chicken with salsa, so easy and yummy. Ahhh, alas.

I do really love having everything laid out for me though, it makes preparing and packing my food for the day extremely easy and stress free.

Anyways I am super excited because tomorrow I get to have my cheat meal!!! We’re going to a family BBQ where I am going to indulge in some burgers, whole wheat Greek pasta salad (that I’m making) and even a few beers. Working hard all week and not cheating makes these meals all the more satisfying.

I will be posting update pictures soon so you can see some of the changes I’ve experienced in only a couple weeks.

Nutrition Plan Progess

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