Ugh so I had to face the facts today and admit that I am actually sick. Not just a tickle in my throat, not just a little under the weather but legitimately sick. I hate not being in control and hate having to slow down when I don’t want to but sometimes you just gotta give in. 

I have officially quarantined myself to the upstairs spare bedroom (despite Steve offering multiple times to let me stay in our room) to try and prevent him from getting sick. I just put new fresh sheets on the bed and he deserves to get a good night’s rest after me tossing and turning and constantly blowing my nose all night last night.

I have pretty much anything someone with a cold virus bug thingy could ask for: hot lemon tea, lots of super soft kleenex (I hate it when my nose gets all red from the cheapy kind), knock-off Vick’s vapor rub – because I gotta save money for the expensive kleenex somewhere – and my super cute cheer me up anytime stuffed animals. Yes I am aware I am almost 25 but Steve bought me both of these guys and I just love them and find them comforting.

Aren’t they cute


Also, am I the only one who like the smell of the vapor rub? I love that eucalyptus-y smell. One piece of advice though is to make sure you remember to remove your contacts before you put on the rub. Lesson learned. As I type this out I am becoming increasingly aware of how annoying the sound of my own breath is. I loath having to breath through my mouth all the time and feel like one of those loud breathers that you try to distance yourself from.

In more exciting news my blog is being updated! At some point in the next 24 hours my blog will go from .blogspot to it’s own domain. I’m very excited about this but you may have to bare with me while I adjust to the new site.

Also, with me being sick I haven’t had time to make a new bath of flax seed crackers to take pictures of and post. I do however happen to have pictures from my batch of Kale chips I made last week so here is the easy recipe for that!


So pretty and green
  • Bunch of Kale
  • Olive Oil (I used Pam Olive oil spray)
  • Seasoning of choice – Get creative here! Parmesan & garlic, salt & vinegar. I used some of my handy popcorn seasonings from the bulk barn this batch and made mine with all dressed…..yummy

*Be aware of sodium content if using popcorn seasonings – some brands are better than others

 Making Them:

  • Preheat oven to 350° (Some people say 325° but I don’t have the patience)
  • Wash kale thoroughly and cut off thick stems
  • Pat kale dry or use salad spinner
  • Massage olive oil onto kale and place on baking sheet lined with parchment paper
    • If using cooking spray place kale on sheet first then spray and flip to coat other side
  • Add seasonings
  • Bake for 7 – 12 minutes depending on temperature and flip as needed. Check on it after 5 minutes as kale is one of those things that goes from crispy to burnt in a hurry
  • Enjoy your guilt free snack!


Even people who don’t like greens will like these

 These are great on those nights when you’re craving something kinda crispy and salty. A big bunch of kale will run you about $1.79 – $2.25 depending on where you get it and it’s relatively easy to make.

 It seems as though our little furry friend enjoys kale as well. It’s a good thing this stuff isn’t expensive because I clearly had to throw that bunch out.

Watch out for the blog updates over the next little bit and I promise that once I’m feeling better I will make a batch of those too good to be true flax seed crackers!

Question?: What do you like to have near you when you’re sick?

Not Feeling Like Much of a Powerhouse…

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