With the New Year just started most people have the best intentions and  have set goals and are ambitious to achieve them. The problem is within a few weeks most people will have already abandoned these goals or veered off of their desired path.

I love setting goals but there are a few rules I follow whenever I set goals for myself:

  1. My goals must be realistic
  2. My goals must be measurable (in some capacity)
  3. My goals should have a time frame associated with them
    • I set some short term and some long term goals. I feel it’s important to have both as setting short term reachable goals motivates you to keep going and achieve your other goals.
  4. My goals must hold myself accountable and not anyone else.
    • Your goals should not be dependent on others. While it’s fine to set goals with a friend (ie to go to the gym together 3x a week) you cannot solely rely on your friend to keep your own goal. If your friend starts to slack you cannot blame them for your not continuing to go on your own

Some of my immediate goals are:
  1. To do a better job meal planning for the upcoming week
  2. To keep up with my laundry – lol I’m terrible for this!
  3. To keep up with my blogs
  4. Make more time for family
  5. To deadlift 300lbs (check out my training blog for my training progress & videos)
  6. To bench 125lbs
  7. To drop 3% bodyfat
  8. To up my conditioning
Some of my longer term goals (those that will take me longer) include:
  1. To continue to grow my training knowledge
  2. To bike 200+ kilometres in 2 days (which I’ll be doing for the ride to conquer cancer I’m signed up for)
  3. To become more flexible – enough so that I can do the splits
  4. To read more just for the fun of reading
  5. To reduce my anxiety
  6. To decorate our house – I know what I want but have no idea how to put it all together 

Anyways those are a few of my goals. These are all attainable things that will help make my life better. I like to review and adjust my goals every 3 months or so so I can set new short term goals and evaluate how I’m doing with my long term ones. 

Since one of my goals is to keep up with this blog more I thought I’d see if anyone out there had any healthy recipe requests or topics they’d like to see covered here? I loooove answering questions and it makes me post more frequently.

Happy goal setting!!

New Year = New Goals!

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