So in an effort to switch things up a bit and really ramp things up while I’m following my new nutrition plan I’ve undertaken a new training program. I’m still utilizing Wendler’s 5/3/1 (which you can learn about here). Basically his program is designed to build slow and steady strength gains using the 4 main lifts: squats, deadlift, bench press, military press. I could try and explain but it’s way easier for you guys to just go ahead and read up on it yourselves.
Anyways that program has been working really well for me and I plan on continuing to use that as the backbone of my training. I have however started to use another program for my accessory work to make sure I’m really pushing myself. The program I’m using is called 6 Weeks to Superhero and was written and designed by Christian Thibaudeau. He also utilizes the 4 main lifts Wendler does and combines overloaded sets with other functional accessory work that perform as a complex. The complex is designed to make you stronger and strip fat off. Exactly what I’m looking for. Here’s how he breaks the week down:

Day    Star Complex A    Star Complex B
Monday    Overhead Press    Squat
Tuesday    Deadlift    Bench Press
Thursday    Squat    Overhead Press
Friday    Bench Press    Deadlift

(Check out his program for more details as he explains it all really well and has video of the complexes posted as well).

Each complex has 5-6 parts. You start with an overload set which wakes up your nervous system and really works the muscles you need to get stronger. Second you move onto the main lift and then the final movements focus on strength/speed, speed/strength and explosiveness. You do all these moves in a row with only 30-90 sec of rest and repeat for total of 4-6 sets. Then you move onto the second complex.

The way I have been doing the program is as follows. On Monday I perform my 5/3/1 work sets using Wendler’s method. I take as much rest as needed to allow myself to get all my lifts in. After that I perform both the press and squat complex using moderate weight but very little rest. I do 6 rounds of the first complex and 4 of the second. Tuesday I would do my deadlift using Wendler’s method then do the deadlift/bench complex. Basically I’m using Wendler’s method for the main lift and then Thibaudeau’s complexes for my accessory work.

These complexes are are pretty straightforward but if you follow them with only the recommended rest periods you should be completely spent. I did mine on Monday and woke up Tuesday feeling like I’d been run over by a truck. I was so sore all over I couldn’t even do Tuesday’s workout. I stretched and rolled lots and did some light body weight stuff. I will do Tuesday’s workout today and ensure I get all 4 workouts done by the end of the week.

I have taken some video of myself doing the complexes and will post them here as I work through them.

If you’re looking for a training challenge I seriously suggest you look into both the programs above.

New Training Style

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