Hey everyone. So I decided to switch up the layout over here just a bit to make things easier for everyone to find. I’m going to start posting the workouts I have for you guys right here on the main page and then I made up an archive page where you’ll be able to go and look at all the workouts all together, kinda like my recipe page. I deleted the old “Get Fit’ tab so if you’re looking for an older workout just visit the new workout/challenge tab. I think it’ll make it easier for all of you to navigate and to find workouts and all that good stuff.


I also added a new ‘Fit Tips’ tab which has a list of all of my popular posts on exercise, nutrition, supplements and the likes. So if you’re looking for info on how much to eat, how to keep making progress or other info check out that page.


Anyways that’s all for now. Check out those pages and let me know what you think. Also if there are any workouts or exercises you’d like to see me cover just leave me a comment and I’ll get on it.


See you lovelies later xo



New Layout

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