Hey there! See I told you I’d be back today. I hope everyone is thoroughly enjoying their Thursday, I know I am. After teaching my 6am class I went back home to nap (I’m lucky to be able to do this) and then went to pick up my mom to make a run to Wal-Mart and Costco, my happy places. I absolutely love the Wal-Mart Superstore here in London, it’s massive and it’s so nice to be able to hit up one store for basically everything I need.


The only thing I had to get from Costco was some veggies (their greens are always waaaay cheaper) protein powder, and eggs. It was nice because neither store was too busy – those places go from good to bad real quick when they’re packed.


On another note, I’ve been dealing with some nagging knee pain for about the past week now. I don’t know how I hurt it, there wasn’t a moment when I was doing something and felt it, it just kinda seemed to creep up on me. At first it only hurt when I did certain things – like lunges – but now it’s aching pretty constantly so I’ve really been limiting what I do.


Steve has been great in giving me some exercises to do to strengthen it and hopefully get it healthy again.



Lot’s of knee extensions, band work, and some sled drags to

try and get the blood pumping to it without aggravating it.


It’s funny because when other people are injured, I’m adamant about them taking it easy until they are feeling better, but when it’s me dealing with the injury I just want to get right back to it. I may have Steve’s lovely sister take a look at it this weekend when she’s home from school (if you’re reading this Amy I hope you don’t mind). I hope it feels better soon though because I hate not being able to squat.


Well enough of me whining, let’s get to that workout! So this workout was intended to up before the holidays, but alas that didn’t happen. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a whirl. I really liked this all bodyweight blast and I hope you do too! The video and workout breakdown are posted below so get up and get after it and tomorrow I’ll be back with a recipe to share for:



So come back to check that out! But try this workout first! (For all my workouts, click HERE)



Here’s the breakdown:

12 days of christmas workout


Words to Live By:



Nagging Knee Pain & Bodyweight Countdown Workout
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