Hello all! How’s everybody’s week going so far? I’m right back on track after my weekend away and finally uploaded some pictures to share with you! Here it goes…


We were all ready to go and managed to get out the door before 9am (the cottage is a 3+ hour drive from London). This was Tyson’s first trip and I was so excited to see how he’d do.



I looooooove road trips! I really enjoy the time I get to spend with Steve in the car. While we do work together everyday we’re both usually pretty busy and don’t have time to just talk and enjoy each other’s company.


We made it up just after lunch and picked up Steve’s sister Amy and headed to the grotto at Cyprus for a hike and lunch.

Cottage 003Cottage 008Cottage 015Cottage 023


If you ever have a chance to visit the grotto, do it! It is so beautiful and there are a bunch of different trails you can hike.


Cottage 011Cottage 013

Cottage 001Cottage 022

The grotto is on Georgian Bay, so the water is a little on the chilly side but it was pretty hot out while we were there so the water felt amazingly refreshing.


Cottage 030Cottage 046

Cottage 049Cottage 034

Tyson definitely loved getting to cool off in the water. Amy knows all the best places to get away from the crowds there so she took us to some more secluded spots and trails.


The rest of the gang all arrived at different times and Friday night was spent catching up, having some drinks and enjoying each other’s company.


The next day we started things off with an amazing breakfast and then a group walk.

Cottage 070Cottage 072

We let the dogs play fetch in the water while we just hung out on the dock and watched. The gorgeous black dog in the pictures is Lucy, she’s an 8 1/2 month old Danfff (Great Dane x Mastiff) who’s around 95lbs. Tyson was pretty scared of her Friday night but by Saturday morning they were playing like two best friends.


Cottage 082Cottage 088Cottage 077   Cottage 080



Afterwards we headed over to a cute little public beach which we claimed for ourselves for the afternoon. We brought some games and enjoyed just lounging and swimming.


Cottage 089Cottage 102

Cottage 097Cottage 092


When we got back to the cottage we made lunch, continued playing games, kayaked, and just relaxed.


Cottage 123Cottage 113


Cottage 117

As you can see Tyson got himself pretty filthy playing around in the mud.

Cottage 107

Lucy still thinks she’s a lap dog.









At night there was the quintessential camp fire where we made s’mores and I had my first octo-weinie (or spider dog)! It was soooo yummy and I totally forgot to take a picture of what it looked like after it was all crispy and delicious.


Cottage 138


Sunday we had a glorious breakfast, hung out for a little bit and then it was time to hit the road! We had such an awesome time away with friends and family. I’m definitely looking forward to going back again in the fall to do some more hiking and exploring.


Cottage 141Cottage 140



Be sure to check out the video of my upper body session that I posted today.


My Cottage Weekend
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