Hey there, happy Monday! I know some people don’t like Mondays but I really think it’s all about how you approach them. Another Monday means another chance to stick to your goals for the week. I like to set mini goals that I jot down in my notepad or cell phone and cross them off as I complete them.


They don’t have to be anything big or crazy, just little things. For instance, to include dark greens with at least 3 dinners during the week, taking time at night to prep the next morning’s breakfast, doing 30 pushups a day, etc. These little ascertainable goals give you something to work towards and be accountable for, but they’re not so big that they’ll be overwhelming to accomplish.


Take some time today to write just a couple simple goals you’d like to do by the end of the week. You’ll be more likely to stick to them if you actually take the time to write them down and not just keep them in your head, plus it gives you something to be proud of at the end of the week.


Anyways, that’s my little rant about setting goals.


I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, I know I had a blast. Friday night Steve and I just hung out at the house and watched some TV but Saturday night we had some people over and it was great to get together and let loose for a bit.


Sunday was our day of rest and prep for the week ahead. This means I made stew, baked eggs, cooked up turkey bacon, and wrote out a tentative meal plan for the week. I love organizing things on Sunday, it makes the rest of the week so much simpler.


Sunday night was also pizza night!


2013-01-20 17.46.56


I love making homemade pizza. The crust is super simple, I just use this recipe from Kraft. I love the parmesan cheese and it always cooks up amazingly. I used regular sauce on half and BBQ sauce on the other and then turkey pepperoni all over. Soooooo yummy!


Sunday night we watched a movie and just lounged with the animals.


2013-01-19 19.54.062013-01-19 19.56.312013-01-19 19.56.442013-01-19 19.53.37

Tyson is a pillow thief

2013-01-20 00.47.43


Today I have a pretty awesome day lined up including 3 boot camp classes, client work, and writing up some new training stuff.


I also took some time to film a quick little agility ladder drill you guys can try. If you don’t have an agility ladder, no biggie, you can do this one with just your lovely self!


agility ladderagility ladder2




I’m really going to try to upload at least one video a week so if there’s anything you want to see, drop me a line! (chelsey@powerhousefitfoodie.com)



Now go write down those goals and make them happen!


Mini Goals & Agility Ladder Upper Body Work
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