Hey everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty marvellous and as such I’ll be linking up with the Diva today.



MiMM MIMM #97 Mothers Day Weekend Rocked!



Friday was low key, as planned, and I finished my book!





I’m thankful I have the triology so I can start the next one right away, the first definitely left me wanting more.



Saturday morning I had some clients in and then a boot camp session and my girlsĀ killed it!









I LOVE my Saturday morning class! So much energy and motivation! We have ladies of all ages and fitness levels that workout together and they all motivate and encourage each other along, it’s just awesome.



Saturday night Steve and I made our way to the Keg for dinner. I totally forgot to snap a picture of the two of us šŸ™ , always do.



You can take the girl out of the gym, but not out of her spandex šŸ˜‰



We actually had an hour wait for dinner so we went to the mall to kill some time and we actually found SteveĀ 2 dress shirts that will hopefully fit him (we’re having them tailored). With his broad shoulders and big arms it can be hard to find a shirt that fits his upper body and isn’t massive in the waist.



Anyways when we finally got to eat I was pretty hungry, good thing the Keg never disappoints.



Southwest chicken dip


steve back


Manhattan sirloin with dungeness crab, scallops and shrimp in a veloutƩ sauce with a baked potato and veggies.

steve back



It was delicious with a side of Malbec and the movie afterwards was awesome as well. We went and saw Neighbours and we both really liked it. I also have a raunchy sense of humour šŸ˜‰



Sunday we lounged around for a bit and then we went to Steve’s parents house with my mom for Mother’s Day dinner. It was so nice to get our mom’s together and dinner turned our delicious!






I made a giant salad with mixed greens, goat cheese, dried cherries and homemade candied walnuts, roasted bacon pamresan potatoes and this zucchini casserole which everyone really liked (we had chicken and garlic bread too, but those pics are kinda blurry). It was so simple to put together too, that Martha Stewart knows what she’s doing. I followed the recipeĀ exactly with the exception of using half and half instead of heavy cream.



After we left dinner we cameĀ home we watched some Sons of Anarchy and called it a night. It was a pretty awesome weekend if I do say so my self. Well…except the fact that half way through the night I noticed my throat was starting to hurt and had a bit of dry cough which has manifested into a full blown head cold today. I literally dread every time I have to sneeze because it hurts my throat so much. My ears also itch when I get head colds, not the outside of my ear, deep down. It kinda makes me want to jam a q-tip down there but then I remember that episode of Girls and decide against it.



Love me some Lena Dunham



Anyways I’m off to teach boot camp, I’ll chat with you party animals later.




Marvellous Mother’s Day Weekend with a Side of Head Cold
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