Meal prep is one of those things that can seem daunting, but really doesn’t need to be. When you’re making dinner, simply take some time to make extras. You’re already in the kitchen, it’s the perfect time to prep some staples that will help keep you on track.


Staying on track with your nutrition is really just a matter of being prepared. If you’re prepared, you’re far less likely to stray off course.


I filmed a couple of quick videos to show you guys some examples of things I do to make meal prep quick and easy.




I try and make sure when I prep protein and things like that for the week, that it can serve multiple purposes. Ground beef can simply be cooked and seasonedĀ and then you can use it in burritos, taco salad, shepherd’s pie, spaghetti squash pasta, served over zoodles, etc.


Cook up some chicken breasts seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic and you can use it for wraps, fajitas, chicken salads, quesadillas, etc.


If I’m already in the kitchen I try and maximize my time there and get lots done in a short period of time.


Try cooking up some larger batches of protein, chop and slice veggies early in the week and plan out your meals. You’ll be amazed at how it much simpler it makes the week and you’ll save time, money and will have healthy eats ready in no-time!

Want some killer workouts?


I put together a few of my favorite strength workouts + bonus HIIT workouts to take the guesswork out of planning your workouts for the next week. Grab yours free below!



Make Meal Prep Easy
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