It actually feels like spring is in the air today in London and I couldn’t be more excited. I love the smell of spring when everything is fresh and coming back to life after a long cold winter. Speaking of cold, it seems Steve has come down with something that’s been going around for the past few weeks and I’m doing my best to stay healthy. Owning a gym we come into contact with a lot of people on a daily basis so when something is going around we try and be extra diligent with getting everything clean and sanitized but sometimes you just can’t fight it.

I mentioned on Monday that I would share my full workout in video form so I took video of every exercise so you could watch me in action. Here is my workout breakdown:



And here’s the video:



Let me know if you enjoy seeing my workouts this way and I’ll start filming them more often.

Have a great one!

Lower Body Workout Video- SSB Squats, Trap Bar Deadlifts & Conditioning
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