Well hello friends! In case you missed it, I actually got my butt in gear and put up my post about tempo training I promised like 3 weeks ago……sorry about that. But anyways, you can check it out HERE if you want to learn more about incorporating aerobic tempo work into your fitness routine.



In other news, prep is still going really well. I feel so good mentally this time around, and it’s kinda hard not to when I can still fit my favourite foods like homemade mac & cheese, air popped popcorn, cereal bowls, and protein powder ice cream into my meal plan.




LOOOOVE popcorn!
LOOOOVE popcorn!
My new popcorn machine – best $14 I’ve spent in a while





I love knowing how to manipulate my macros and intake on my own so I don’t have to rely on a plan handed down to me from someone else – I like being in charge of my own food.



I have to keep this one short today (really you should be impressed that I’m posting 2 days in a row haha) as I have clients arriving very shortly, but I have to share this stupid simple recipe for protein crepes. I’m Ukrainian and growing up we used to eat blinchiki which are basically crepes but they are (well at least the ones my babushka made) less sweet and ours were a slightly different texture than sweet french crepes. We would fill them with maple syrup, brown sugar, fresh fruit, and sometimes sour cream with brown sugar which sounds weird but I thoroughly enjoyed it as a kid.



Anyways, enough about my awesome background, I had been craving these sweet delicious things for a a few days and I came across this recipe and my problems were solved! They take like 5 minutes start to finish and you can fill them with whatever your heart desires.





protein crepes2










 I highly recommend trying these for breakfast or a sweet snack – hope you like them! If you’re looking for another crepe/blinchiki recipe check out this one I posted here that uses oat flour.



I’m off to train clients and then try and roll my glutes, they are KILLING me! Hopefully all the hard work pays off on stage.








Low Carb, 2 Ingredient Protein Powder Crepes
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