In case you haven’t heard, Periscope is taking over social media. With it’s live streaming it’s a great way for people to connect and interact and see the real, live unedited version of someone.

While I am relatively new to the platform I am navigating and learning each time I hop on to watch or deliver a periscope, and I’m having a blast doing it!

I’ve been sharing health and fitness tips as well as social media and business tips I’ve learned as I’ve really ramped up my social media presence and started offering more in terms of online coaching and training for my clients. I have grown a crazy amount these past few months and I have all of you to thank for it!

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It’s been an awesome way for me to connect and interact with other bloggers and social media experts and I’ve also been able to share little snippets into my life with my followers which is really cool because I want you all to be able to get to know the real me, even if it is a little weird sometimes haha.




I recently set up a page set up where you can watch all of my broadcasts that I have (Periscope only saves them for 24 hours on the app) and there’s a link to that right up in the menu bar right up at the top.  There’s also a new social media button with my other social media icons on the sidebar so you can follow along.

I’m all over the place on social media under the username Powerhousechels. I’ve grown my instagram from 1,500 to 9,000 followers in just a couple months which is crazy and awesome!  I’m loving being able to connect with all of you on there as I’m getting busier and busier with my recent book launch and my amazing group of new clients and want to make sure you all have a place to find me.

I also update my snapchat a ton with my meals, workouts and behind the scenes stuff so be sure to hop on there and say hi as well!

I know periscope may seem like just another social media platform (which it is) but honestly it’s such a cool way to connect with other people. I’ve been watching periscopes nightly as I’m making dinner. So if you’re looking to really get to see what someone is like, unedited and raw I would definitely try it out – it’s free and highly addictive!

Have an awesome Tuesday!

Are You On Periscope?

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Let’s Connect On Periscope!
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