I had a different post in mind for today and was saving this one for later on in the week but after the morning I’ve had I thought I would post this one now. This one is a little personal just a heads up.


This Saturday the 28th will mark the 4 year anniversary of my dad passing away. He fought an extremely long, hard battle against cancer and we lost him at the age of 47. My dad was always extremely social and upbeat, the life of the party – even after he was diagnosed with cancer.


Who else has a Habs party in their hospital room?


I am so incredibly proud to be my dad’s daughter. Even though I didn’t get to have him around for as long as I wanted and there are things in life I wish he could be there for (my wedding, being a grandpa) I am so very thankful to have had him as my dad and know that he is out there somewhere watching over me smiling.


My Hero


My dad taught me a lot of things. He taught me how to ride a bike, skate, and how to grill up some mean chicken on the BBQ. But more than that my dad taught me some extremely valuable things about life, things that I try to live by.


Laugh Every Day
My dad had an amazing sense of humor. He was always cracking jokes, quoting funny movies and his Donald duck impersonation had me in stitches throughout my entire childhood. Whenever I was in a bad mood or upset my dad would have a way of making me laugh and helping me forget my problems. My dad made jokes right until the very end to try and ease the tension. There are still movies and jokes that I watch to remind me of him and my cousin Josh has the same witty sense of humor so being around him always reminds me of my dad.


Guitar Hero makes for some good laughs


Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously
When I was younger I used to HATE when people laughed at me. If I tripped or did something silly and people laughed I would turn beat red and either cry or run away. I hated being the butt of a joke. My dad would constantly poke fun at himself and taught me to take advantage of being able to make people laugh. I learned to loosen up and let go and just have fun in the moment. The ladies in the gym can attest to the fact that I definitely don’t mind being silly anymore.


My Dad Dancing at a Pubcrawl on my 19th Birthday


Follow Through
As much as my dad could joke around he was a man who stood my his words. If he promised someone something he was going to do it. It is so easy to say you’re going to do something but to actually follow through with it and complete it is a whole other story.


Mean what you say


Believe in Yourself
Along with following through my dad always told my sister and I we could do anything. He really did believe that anything we wanted to do or be was all within reach if you really worked for it. The reason Steve and I have a gym of our own today is because we believed we could do it. We were young but we put our minds to it and got it done, just like my dad would’ve wanted.


Playing his favourite game


See the Positive
Even when my dad was sick he always appreciated the little things and remained positive with everything. It’s so easy to let the little things in life get to you, but does it really matter in the grand scheme of things? When my dad lost his hair he just commented that it was one less thing to take care of in the morning.


He was still so handsome


Don’t be afraid of your emotions
My dad always told us not to hide how we were feeling. If we were sad we were always encouraged to talk to my mom or dad about what was bothering us. I loved that my dad told us to be  forthcoming with how we were feeling and not keep things bottled up.


It's ok to let it out


Live Every Day
Even before my dad got sick he was always living life to the fullest. He believed in seizing the day and living it large. He did the things that made him happy on a regular basis and made sure those around him were living it up too. My family calls him a life sucker in that he really wanted to suck every ounce of life he could and enjoy it.


Living it up in Punta Cana


Enjoy your Family
Family comes in many different forms. You have your immediate family, extended family, and people so close that you consider them family. My dad loved spending time with our family and we were always having people over and visiting family when they weren’t close by. Family has always been important and some of my best memories are when we were all together as one big family.


Kickin' Cancer's Ass Benefit


Always Cheer for the Habs
Even if they’re having an awful season (like this one) you stand by your team and cheer them on. Everyone that knew my dad knew what a giant habs fan he was. He turned the basement in our old house into a full on habs shrine. Heck he even had their logo tattooed on his chest! My first bottle was a Montreal Canadiens bottle and I will always have a deep love for that team.


That picture made it into the Canadiens magazine
Our old basement


I miss my dad, every day. There is always something that reminds me of him whether it be a song, a picture, or just a joke or saying. His zest for life was contagious and I hope he is enjoying watching me on my journey through life. He will always be my dad and I will always be his little girl.


My dad, little sister Alyx & Me


Our Birthday
Dad & Friend


I love & miss you tons xoxo


Lessons from my Dad

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