Hope everyone had a great weekend! Ours was pretty good. Saturday I taught class and then was supposed to go and lay out in the sun with Steve’s sisters but alas, it was too cloudy. Sunday we were supposed to go boating but instead of being sunny like predicted earlier in the week the sky clouded over and we had a thunderstorm instead. Oh well, I was with my favourite person so it was still a pretty fab weekend.


Always happy when he's around


Saturday night we spent watching the Junior Mustangs football team play over at UWO. I love going back to Western, it’s where Steve and I first met and I just have such wonderful university memories from there. A few of the guys we train play on the team so it was awesome to see their work in the gym translate to the field. We train some pretty amazing athletes and it’s so nice to see them in action.

TD Stadium @ UWO


I love the uniforms


It was a fun night out – and it didn’t hurt that our guys won 42-13.


Sunday was very chill and laid back. We hit up Costco and completed what may have been the fastest shop ever there and then came home and just watched some TV and played with the pup. FYI he’s getting big fast! He’s already 17lbs and he seems to be getting taller by the day. He and Chester have been play wrestling together – it’s adorable.


I have a couple of recipes to share this week and more workout videos to upload for you guys. If you missed my first 100 rep challenge check out that video here I also benched 135lbs this week and posted that video here.


Check in later xo


Laid Back Fun
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