Can you believe it’s Wednesday already? Feels like time is just flying by over here. I just wish the weather would co-operate and stop being such a tease, snowing one minute nice the next, make up your mind! At least I have my pretty flowers to look at inside while the outside tries to pick a season.




And I got fancy new workout pants for my birthday, so that makes up for the wacky weather too.




I have had some awesome workouts this week. I did some banded goodmornings yesterday and my hamstrings are super sore this morning. I am so thankful for all the work Steve does coming up with my awesome training program.



My favourite trainer 😉


I realized I haven’t posted a workout in a while so here are a couple simple bodyweight ladder style workouts you can do at home. I also took some video of me doing the second one because I’m nice like that.


bodyweight ladder1


ladder workout upper abs

Basically you work your way across and down




Writing up the recipe for those fish cakes for yesterday’s post has me craving them. Guess what’s for dinner tonight?


fish cakes1


On a completely unrelated note, does anyone else listen to music while they cook? I either watch TV or crank up the tunes while I’m in the kitchen and while I was cooking away the other night my songza playlist kept going to the funniest songs.





Ahh my animals were giving me the weirdest looks as I was shaking away singing along shamelessly. Nothing like a solo kitchen dance party to making dinner prep more exciting.


As promised here is that chocolate cake recipe I posted a picture of yesterday. This cake is really filling and chocolatey and keeps really well without drying out.



Just one more picture of this thing of beauty

Ladder Workouts
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