Hiya! Happy Valentine’s Day! Steve and I both work late tonight but we are planning on celebrating this weekend but I still have a gift for you guys at the bottom of this post in the form of a killer tabata workout.


How’s everybody’s week going so far? I have been busy this past week – like really busy. I have a bunch of new clients (yay!) but with all of them starting in such a short amount of time it means lot’s of programming for this girl. What a lot of people don’t realize is the amount of work that goes into coming up with a program for clients. I can’t really complain though, I love having new clients. It doesn’t hurt that the majority of my new clients are women who are learning to lift weights with proper technique for the first time. There is no feeling better than seeing a girl doing heavier lifts (‘guy’ training) and feeling empowered and loving it.


On top of the programming I had a nutrition talk at my house last weekend for the ladies – which was a blast – so I could go over the basics of nutrition. I don’t preach any one particular style of eating, rather just eating whole, real foods and giving information so everyone can make more informed decisions. I went over the basics, including what protein, carbs and fat are compromised of and why each is necessary and also went over things like how to correctly read a nutrition label and things like that.


I have also been killing it in the gym lately. I did my bench session Tuesday (my was  on fire yesterday) and managed to rep out 95lbs for 18 reps! Yipeee!


I don’t have any video of me actually benching (my camera guy was busy spotting me) so here’s me doing a lateral raise combo.


I’m really happy with how my lifts have been going and how I’ve been feeling day in day out since switching my eating style (post to come….tomorrow!). My muscles are definitely growing, especially my bootayyyy, and I just feel stronger and more mentally focused.


Anywho, since it’s valentines day, why not celebrate by making your heart rate soar and taking your own breath away? This will leave you one giant sweaty mess, just what you wanted for Valentines, right? I did this one yesterday and it kicked my butt! Seriously I was huffing and puffing like no one’s business after I was finished.


***For those who don’t know, tabata is a timing protocol where you work at your max capacity for 20sec followed by 10sec of rest for 8 rounds (4 min). It is intense and shouldn’t be done on consecutive days – especially if you’re a newbie***



This is definitely a more advanced tabata so I listed some other awesome tabata options below.This particular tabata was done with kettlebell swings and burpees, two of my fave HIIT exercises. You need to make sure you maintain proper form when performing this tabata, especially with the KB swings – chest up, weight in the heels, don’t use your low back, KB should not come above eye level (unless you do them the way some crossfitters do which is to have the KB at 12 o’clock, not a fan!)





KB burp tabata


Some other tabata ideas….


2013-01-16 15.32.30-1




Go get your sweat on!!!


Killer Kettlebell Tabata!
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