Hey friends, it’s Friday!!! Woo hoo. It has been a loooooong week but in a pretty awesome way. I’ve been crazy busy with clients and have had to open up additional time slots to fit everyone in, which is never a bad thing for a personal trainer. I managed to squeak in a few minutes to myself on Wednesday night and had a lovely soak in the tub. It was glorious.

Bath Time


I also upgraded to a new phone after finally qualifying for an upgrade. It was much needed.


broken phone

new LG G3
Brand New LG G3

I got the LG G3 and I’m in love. I’ve always been an android girl and while I loved the Galaxy I couldn’t justify spending a bunch of money to upgrade to the new one. The G3 has an awesome camera and I love how intuitive it is. I just got it yesterday and I’ve already got it pretty well figured out.

I can definitely notice the picture quality difference when it comes to food.

Taken with my old galaxy
Taken with my old galaxy
Taken with my new G3
Taken with my new G3


I can’t wait to see how it works out for taking videos.

With summer fast approaching (hopefully…I mean there is snow on the ground here today) I’ve switched up my eating and training ever so slightly to lean out just a little bit. Over the past 6 months I’ve really found an amazing balance and have been able to stay relatively lean. This is all without counting or tracking macros and my health and sanity couldn’t be happier. That said I do want to tighten up a bit more so I thought I’d hold myself accountable by sharing some pictures here. Nothing like sharing your pictures with the inter-web to keep you on track haha.

I’ll keep you updated as I make progress 🙂

Since I’ll be incorporating a little more HIIT into my routine I thought I’d share this quick kettlebell workout that can be added to the end of a workout, or done on it’s own.


Here’s an image you can pin so you can save the workout for later.


Kettlebell Quickie Workout | www.PowerhouseFitFoodie.com

Let me know if you give it a shot.

I’m off to enjoy the weekend which is set to include dinner and movie. Check ya later.

Kettlebell Quickie Workout Video
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2 thoughts on “Kettlebell Quickie Workout Video

    • May 7, 2015 at 1:49 pm

      I if I have multiple kettlebells than I may use a few different sizes, otherwise I pick the weight based on the most difficult exercise and go from there. This would definitely work with dumbbells, you may just have to modify a couple things.


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