Man, I am wiped! I have had a pretty solid day filled with training (both myself and others), accounting stuff, yelling at Rogers (they make me SO mad), and some other fun things.


I’ve been trying to really push it with my workouts this past week both with weights and intensity. I’m always looking to get stronger but would also like to continue leaning out over these next few weeks leading into summer. I’m not doing anything crazy, just stepping up the HIIT and refraining from too many treats throughout the week. I want to rock my bikini hard this summer and can’t wait for some weekends up at the cottage.


Today I also filmed a couple of workouts for you all, like I promised yesterday but when I went to upload them the talking was all off from the movement and I looked like some weird lip-dubbed person awkwardly rambling on about keeping the weight in your heels and pushing your knees out at the bottom… yeah.

At Least I’m Not This Guy…

I’ll re-film it again tomorrow with my usual camera but for those of you that want something right this very second here is the quick workout I filmed. I’ll update this tomorrow once I get the video up.


*** EDIT*** Here’s the video!

kb workout



Check ya later!





P.S. Sorry if the formatting is weird, I’m on a different computer.

#IWILL – KB Workout
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