Hey there! How was everyone’s weekend? Ours was low key and filled with good food and my favourite guys.



Saturday I had an awesome group of ladies out for bootcamp:




And I did my own workout once they were done – a little plate combo and then 10 trips of heavy prowler with skipping, abs and med ball work. (I put some of my other workouts on my training log)



This is how many selfies I took after my workout haha



I did our weekly produce run afterwards and just knew I wanted to use some of the mini cucumbers and tomatoes



So I had a delicious wrap for lunch:




Pizza and red wine were the stars of the show on Saturday night




We watched a movie and Tyson got all cozy on the couch with me





Sunday was also low key, prepped some food, cleaned up a bit and Steve and I started watching Sons of Anarchy, we’re only 2 episodes in but hopefully it’ll be our new show now that we finished Homeland.






I love helping people reach their fitness goals, nothing gives me more pride as a trainer than to help someone achieve something and seeing their hard work pay off.



One thing I’ve noticed is that people seem to have this all or nothing attitude toward nutrition and fitness. I posted this article on my facebook page yesterday and I think it hits a lot of key points. Women tend to underestimate how many calories they need to sustain themselves. They go on these diets, 1200 cals seems to be the magic number for some reason, and restrict themselves like crazy for a week or so and then break down and binge.



Rather than eating well 80-90% of the time and allowing moderate indulgences we tend to think we need to go all in to get results. This results in feeling deprived, not enjoying your food and having a negative outlook towards leading a healthy lifestyle.



Lindsay posted this picture on her blog that sums it up:





I just wish people would stop feeling like they need to either be 100% in or not even bother.



It’s the same with how some people will decide to start a diet on Monday so the weekend before they binge and over-indulge on a ton of junk food to ‘get it out of their system’. How does this make any sense? You’re going to start eating healthy so you better stuff yourself full of crap before? Why not simply eat healthy most of the time and then indulge without the guilt in moderation.



Instead of cutting your calories down to nothing, try focusing on the quality of the food you’re putting into your body. If you’re just starting your healthy living journey there is no need to count every thing you eat. Eat unprocessed food most of the time and allow the occasional treat. If you’re already relatively lean and are looking to kick things up a notch then you may need/want to watch your macros.



Don’t make it harder than it needs to be! If you’re having a hard time setting up your macros, get in touch and I can help you out. Be sensible, don’t starve yourself, don’t do a ton of extra cardio to try to ‘burn off’ the food you ate on the weekend. Keep it simple. You didn’t gain weight overnight, you’re not going to lose it that way. Take it off in a controlled manner and you’re more likely to keep it off.





It Doesn’t Have to Be All or Nothing
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2 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Have to Be All or Nothing

  • March 25, 2014 at 11:31 pm

    Love your new look blog Chelsey! 🙂 LOVE IT! I hate the all or nothing approach too – it frustrates the hell out of me? moderation people! 😉

    • March 26, 2014 at 8:49 am

      Thanks Ali, still a couple things to be tweaked but it’ll come. Your site looks awesome too, must update my blog roll on the site, oopsie! 🙂


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