Hey there! Ok so I know I disappeared for like……a month. But I’M BACK! Apparently when I tried to auto-post something went awry and it obviously didn’t post what I intended. I also happened to lose my phone on the plane down to Cancun (I know, good move Chels) and just got it replaced yesterday. I feel like part of society again!


On top of that something happened with some plug-ins on the blog and I wasn’t able to log in, update stuff, or do…..anything. But now I’m back! I have an awesome bodyweight workout HIIT posted at the bottom (the one I was supposed to share…like 3 weeks ago) and a few more to post this week too.


But first, without a whole lot of talking, here are some a ton of pictures from our Cancun trip!



Our room – we got upgraded to a Jacuzzi suite because we’re awesome


View from our room



The ruins we visited…

It was kind of cool that we were in Mexico on Dec 21, the end of the Mayan Calendar



There were lizards EVERYWHERE!


Random Shots


There was an amazing French restaurant on site where I enjoyed orange duck and the most incredible black tea creme brulee.


Our resort had mini putt! It was fun to play a round before or after dinner!


Tequila Time!




We were lucky and only had one day of overcast weather. We took this opportunity to visit Isla Mujeres which is a small 5km island off the coast. We rented a golf cart and toured around the whole island, it was a blast! We even found a random gym that we stopped in at.




Well that’s all the pictures to share for now. Here’s that bodyweight workout and tomorrow I’ll post more of the workouts that I meant to share while I was gone. Yes, they are holiday themed, but they’re still awesome.


Here’s the breakdown: make time hiit

Something to Think About:




I’M BACK! Cancun Recap & Bodyweight HIIT Workout
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