High Five Friday!!!

Hey lovelies! Steve, Tyson and I are getting ready to head up to the cottage this morning for a few days of hiking, relaxing and being around family. There are around 16 of us going, most of them being cousins of Steve which I think is so cool. We have such a great time when we get together and Tyson will have a friend to play with while he’s there. Lucy is a 95lb 8 month old Daniff (great dane x mastiff) and I think they’ll get along swimmingly.


The lovely Meg who blogs over at A Dash of Meg and simply oozes positivity hosts something every Friday called ‘High Five Friday’



It’s a chance for everyone to celebrate their accomplishments, big or small. Since I’m trying to be more positive and surround myself with positive things I thought I would take time out to recognize some accomplishments some people at my gym have made and that I’ve made.


Last week I came up with a workout challenge for the bootcampers called The Powerhouse 99 Challenge. It is brutal. It is pretty much all bodyweight exercises with some static holds thrown in. It took us the full class to complete and left us dripping in sweat. (I will be posting this challenge early next week for all you guys to try)


I want to give a big high five to everyone that pushed themselves through it. It was tough but sooooo worth it for how awesome we felt once we finished it.



I also want to give a special high five to Rachael. She completed my 21 burpee/squat challenge which is 220 burpees and 220 squats. She powered through it in under 20 minutes!


I’m also going to give myself a high five for sticking to my nutrition plan. I made it through 4 weeks with no deviations and am really proud of myself. I can definitely see changes in myself and am excited to start up my new phase after I get back from the cottage.



Everyone has something to be proud. Whether it be personally, professionally or spiritually. It doesn’t have to be something big, but take time out to recognize the things you have accomplished this week.


So tell me, what are you giving yourself a high five for this week?





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    Ashlee says

    I’m giving myself a high five for taking steps to get a mortgage pre-approval. I’m also giving myself a high five for warming to the idea of “lifting heavy.” I will conquer my trap bar form!

    • 2


      You absolutely will get the deadlift form down, all things just take time :) I’m so excited for you to begin looking for a house of your own, I will definitely get you a housewarming gift when you do

  2. 3

    Francesca says

    I’m giving myself a high five for making it in to the gym twice this week and completing the 99 challenge :) I had a rough time getting myself to the gym on both days since it was a crazy week at work, but I’m glad i pushed myself to go- even without my runners or a hair tie! (ps thanks Chelsey and Ashlee for helping me out with those!). Also, I’m giving myself another high five for remembering to water my garden all week- my veggies are making progress!!!!

    • 4


      That’s awesome Francesca! You killed that 99 challenge the whole way through! I’m totally jealous about your veggie garden, mine kinda fizzled out and is looking not so hot these days :S

  3. 5


    Wow, that burpee/squat challenge sounds intense! Burpees kill me every time I guess that’s the point though. 😉 Great job on sticking to your meal plan! It’s tough for me not to sneak in a little bit of chocolate or cheese!
    Meg recently posted..Recipe! Compost CookiesMy Profile

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      The burpee challenge is a killer challenge and becomes pretty mentally challenging halfway through. I’m going to check out your cookie recipe right now!

  4. 7


    This made me tear up, Chels!!!! It really really did! It is so special to me seeing you give yourself a high five (as well as others) YOU get it! There is ALWAYS something to high five about!!!!!!!! I love you so much and so happy you are my friend :)

    Have a great time at the cottage :) I all be thinking of you xoxo

    • 8


      Thanks Meg! We had a BLAST! Perfect weekend away. I’m going to try and do a high five Friday every week to congratulate the work people have done at the gym that week! You are amazing!

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