Hey there! Well today I asked fellow blogger and figure/bikini competitor Kierston from *CaNdY FiT* to share some of her tips for first time competitors like myself! She just wrapped up her competition season (which she did AMAZING in) and I couldn’t think of anyone better to get some insider advice from.


When you’re done reading this post, be sure to head over to Kierston’s blog, she totally rocks my socks!


Lessons Learned: Fitness Competitions


Hi everyone and thank you Chelsey for letting me take over your blog today!


I must say, when I was approached to write about what I’ve learned over the past year and a bit in my competing in Fitness Competitions, I was thrilled at the opportunity to do so!




First off, I’m no expert when it comes to competing in Bikini/Fitness/Figure competitions but, I am more than happy to share my experiences given my participation in them! (I competed in my fourth show just a couple of weeks ago!)




For me, competing has always been about the journey to stage and achieving the unimaginable…It’s never been about winning! The prize is and has always been about the accomplishments and the personal growth (both inside and out) I’ve been able to make along the way!




I mean, I was the girl who didn’t exercise (for 7 years) and never really cared to fuel my body with good and nutritious foods! So, doing something that would be challenging for me on all fronts was, in fact, winning in itself! (Like a “WoO HoO, I did it!” type of thing you know?! lol)




Simply put, getting on stage allows me to present those accomplishments (and what I’ve achieved) and it also allows me to show everyone that it can be done…if you believe in yourself!




Let’s rewind a little bit before we fast forward…


Before I decided to prepare for a competition, I committed myself to a lifestyle change; a change that would involve me leading a life fueled by health and fitness. Only did I register for my first show about a year down the road from this commitment I made to myself! (One thing at a time! lol)


Now, having just competed for the fourth time, there are a number of things I’ve been able to learn and take away from these experiences.




What are they? (Glad you asked!)


Here are my top 10 lessons learned:


  1. Be sure you’re ready! Getting ready for a Fitness Competition is a big commitment and will require a lot from you (I’d be lying if I said it didn’t!). Do your research, talk to people who’ve competed before, heck, go watch a local show to get a better idea of what it’s all about! Once you’ve done that and you’re still up for the challenge (I love me a challenge) then go for it! (I’m glad I did!)
  2. Get a Prep Coach! I couldn’t have done it without the expertise and guidance of my Trainer and Coach!
  3. Appreciate your transformation every step of the way. Don’t spend your time and energy focusing on the end result, learn to enjoy the process every step of the way! Also, be patient and realistic with yourself as you inch closer and closer to the big day. Everything takes time.
  4. Don’t compare yourself to others as you work towards your goal! Everybody (and body) is different. No two metabolisms are the same. Focus on YOU! This goal is yours, not anyone else’s! Love yourself. You are YOU!
  5. Sign up for stage presence and posing classes! Also, do your research on the required poses for the category(ies) you enter. You want to be comfortable with your posing, routine and those glass slippers heels you’ll be wearing! (lol)
  6. Get your bikini/posing suit custom made to FIT you and your body! You want to be sure you wear a suit that follows the rules and regulations of the Federation and category(ies) you enter!
  7. Get the right tanning product (I use Jan Tana High Definition Color) or get a professional to do your tan on competition day! Also, be sure to exfoliate your skin every day for a couple of weeks prior to the competition. Don’t moisturize the week prior (the product won’t absorb properly) and DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT wear deodorant three days (that’s my timeline) before the big day! (Unless you want green arm pits!)
  8. Enjoy the big day for everything it has to offer! This is your time to shine and it’s your time to show off all of your hard work! Be proud of what you achieved! Have fun, make friends and take pictures! 😉
  9. Accept the fact that your competition physique was meant for competition day! As much as you love, LOVE your competition body, it will not stay that way. Be sure you have a game plan post-competition so that you don’t find yourself in a ‘what now?’ situation. Plan out your next steps.
  10. Take a break! Be sure to take a few days off, your body and mind deserve it! You trained and dieted hard so give yourself time to reboot!



Thanks again Chelsey for giving me the chance to share with your readers my experiences competing in Fitness Competitions!


I hope it to be valuable to anyone looking or getting ready to compete! 🙂


I wish you the best of luck at your competition!!!! Yahooooooooo!



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