Hello! Sorry this recap took a while to put together but I have been so busy this week! Today I’ll recap the basics of my competition weekend and then I have a post in the works on the difference between this year’s prep and last years.



Let’s dive right in! Grab something to drink because this is a looooong one, but there are a bunch of pictures to make up for it!



Friday I took the entire day off work to get ready for the show. My sister spent the entire weekend at my house helping me get ready and I honestly don’t think I could have gotten everything done without her help. She was amazing. I had my spray tan appointment at 9:30am at Hollywood Tan here in London.



20131122_093602 20131122_093549



Custom spray tanning is not something to do if you are shy – it is quite the intimate experience that involves bending over, lunging, and standing with your arms out to the sides  for long periods of time. Thankfully Dina was amazing and made me feel super comfortable (well as comfortable as you can be while you’re cold and naked). She had my tan done in no time and then Alyx drove me home and I spent the majority of the afternoon relaxing while trying to not screw up my tan (which did happen and I was so lucky Dina was able to squeeze me in for a touch up, klutzy Chelsey). Friday afternoon my mom came over and cleaned my entire house for me so I wouldn’t have anything to stress or worry about since we had some out of town guests staying over the following evening, seriously my mom and sister rock my socks.



My wonderful friend Mackenzie sent me flowers since she was out of town and couldn't make it to the show - so sweet and totally made my day!
My wonderful friend Mackenzie sent me flowers since she was out of town and couldn’t make it to the show – so sweet and totally made my day!



Friday night Alyx and I went to check in and attend the athlete’s meeting where they check your suit and inform you of how the show is going to run the next day. For how many competitors there were (300+) they did a good job of keeping the lines moving and getting everything done. I could not wait to get home after the meeting because I got to enjoy a delicious dinner of steak, sweet potato, asparagus, and wine. So.damn.good!



me wine



Saturday morning I woke up and immediately went to see how things were looking in the mirror……



20131123_072707 20131123_071951



I was so happy with how I came in this year! I was feeling so puffy all week from drinking 3 gallons of water a day so waking up and seeing that everything turned out was awesome!



Next it was time to get glammed up! Alyx did my hair and makeup (like I said, she was amazing!) and then my step mom arrived at the house. I was so happy she made the trip from Niagara to come and watch me. We picked my mom up on the way to the venue (Steve met us there) and got settled in for a loooooong day. If you’ve never been to a show before – be warned, they can be very, very long. Especially with this being the largest local show in all of Ontario.



 alyx me



Finally it was time to hit the stage! I got up there and posed my ass off! I felt so much more comfortable than last year and really enjoyed every single second being up there. I could hear and see my family cheering me on – it was awesome.






me bikini favourite me bikini bum me bikini bum



Unfortunately, I did not place. You know right away how you did based on how they call you out and when I stepped off that stage, I was hit with a ton of emotions. To be told that after months (5 months) of hard work, dedication, will power and sheer determination that you aren’t good enough, is a tough pill to swallow. I feel like I let my family and friends down, I worried what my clients would think of me. Steve was right there to console me and reminded me that I didn’t do this for anyone else but myself. I did this for me, for my own personal satisfaction. To test myself, my limits, to set a goal and achieve it. And I did that. I have zero control over what the judges are looking for that day. It was a very large class and there were some amazing physiques on that stage. I am so incredibly proud of the work I put in and how I looked and that’s what matters.



In between pre-judging and the night show we went to Crabby Joe’s – it was an absolute white out snow storm here in London over the weekend so we didn’t want to go too far from the venue.



Even though I was super hungry I only ate about 1/3 of the stir fry and none of the rice, didn’t want to bloat!



my rock
My Rock – He always believes in me



After dinner it was back for the night show. I was lucky because the bikini girls weren’t on until after intermission so I got to sit with my family and watch the show. The guest poser, IFBB Pro Steve Kuclo was awesome, and one of the biggest bodybuilders I’ve seen up close. He’s only 5″11 but weighs 285lbs.



20131123_192737 20131123_192730

He’s a firefighter and paramedic



After intermission I got to strut my stuff all over that stage one last time and again I tried to soak it all up.





We were going to stay to watch the bodybuilders but by 10:30pm they were just starting men’s physique which was a huge category so we decided to call it a night (the show went until after midnight which is waaaaaay too late in my opinion). I was totally ok with leaving though because it meant I got to dig in to my post competition meal.



Ya....it was unreal. Bacon, cheddar, BBQ sauce, onion rings. yum!
Ya….it was unreal. Bacon, cheddar, BBQ sauce, onion rings. yum!



20131123_231321 20131123_231404 20131123_231430



I enjoyed the company of my family with a glass of wine and then I was out like a light! The next morning I made breakfast which was thoroughly enjoyed by yours truly.



Egg/hash-brown casserole and baked cinnamon bun french toast casserole with Nutella
Egg/hash-brown casserole and baked cinnamon bun french toast casserole with Nutella



When our guests left Steve and I took advantage of the snow and took Tyson for a much deserved walk (he didn’t get much attention Saturday with us being gone most of the day). He LOVES the snow and I enjoyed getting bundled up and taking him out. The hot chocolate after was delish too 😉



tyson steve winter snow walk



We spent the rest of the day relaxing and lounging around the house. It was perfect.



So that was my competition weekend in a rather large nutshell. I got right back into training and proper eating on Monday because I actually have a photo shoot tomorrow! I’m so excited/nervous!



I’ll update you guys with how that goes and get a little more into my prep from 2012 vs 2013.



2012 vs 2013
2012 vs 2013

Thank you all SO MUCH for your kind words over Instagram – I truly loved every kind, motivating word. It means so much to me!


GNC Live Well 2013 OPA Recap | Aka. My Bikini Competition!!!

3 thoughts on “GNC Live Well 2013 OPA Recap | Aka. My Bikini Competition!!!

  • November 29, 2013 at 3:32 pm

    You’re a winner in my eyes. It made me sad to read that you were upset after you didn’t place. Be proud of what you have done. You’ve already gone (and done) so much more than I would have. You continue to inspire. 😉
    Diane recently posted..Hourglass Workout (Plyometrics)My Profile

  • December 1, 2013 at 1:02 pm

    I think you looked FANTASTIC. I understand being disappointed, but in my opinion, you rocked it! You’re truly an inspiration to me!


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