Hey ya’ll and happy Monday! I hope you guys had a great weekend. Steve and I just lounged and relaxed….it.was.glorious. After being so busy last weekend this weekend was a much needed rest.







I mentioned last week that I’m taking part in a campaign with Under Armour and I’m so happy that a bunch of you have signed up already. Now that I’ve given everyone a chance to check it out and get acquainted with the site I’ll start posting daily challenges on the team page as well as on the blog (if you want to see them right away you can follow me on instagram @PowerhouseChels).







Since this competition started I’ve been thinking a lot about motivation and what it is that drives people to do what they do. Some people have a specific event they are training for, others are getting ready for summer, and others just want to be healthier and happier in their own skin. For some getting started is the biggest obstacle and for others it’s busting past the plateau they’re currently stuck at.



How do you guys find motivation to get up and get after it? Do you keep pictures of inspirational things around you? Do you listen to a pump up song? I’ve had times where I need to motivate myself and for me having a set goal really helps keep me focused. I also blast the music if I’m feeling a little sluggish.




Beauty Is NOT




I’ve also been looking and reading through other people’s goals and it’s so cool to see so many other empowered women working towards different goals. Some are looking to compete in iron man races or marathons, others are trying to master different yoga poses and some are stay at home moms just looking to get back in shape and get moving.



Tomorrow I have a video that I’m going to post and another workout for you guys to do as well. I might start doing vlogs as well and posting those on the training and food log because I’ve been a total and complete slacker there. I’m still trying to find balance as we’re adjusting things here at the gym.




So here’s today’s challenge and I pinky promise I’ll be back tomorrow with some stuff for you awesome peeps.


tabata challenge


Let me know if you do the challenge above and what exercises you do it with!







Get Motivated Monday

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