Friday is here! Steve and I have a busy weekend ahead as we’re trying to get everything done that needs to be before we leave for Mexico next weekend. I can’t believe that in a little over a week I will be on a warm, sandy beach! Anyways I’m going to keep this short and sweet as I have to get dinner going and then keep getting things done on my to-do list!


Here are some things I’m loving this week:



Getting the house prettied up for the holidays! We’re not putting up our tree until after we’re back from vacation as we don’t want Chester to destroy it while we’re gone but I have started to put out some little trinkets and I just love how cheery these little decorations make me feel.






My new Christmas mug. I picked this bad boy up at the dollar store and I think everyone should get a holiday/winter themed mug just to make that morning/afternoon/evening beverage that much more enjoyable.




My new Powerhouse tank tops and sweater. It’s really cool to see your logo on clothing. We’ve had guys t-shirts for a while and I love it when I spot people wearing them around and am stoked to have girls ones now too!



Salad beasts that I’ve been eating out of my giant red mixing cup.




Walks with Tyson, even if it’s kinda rainy and crappy out.



tyson me walk


Friday blog posts! Kierston over at *CaNdY FiT* just started a new linkup called #RECIPEFRIDAY that I want to participate in next week. She shares a new recipe or food gadget she loves and you can also link up your own recipe post and browse other reader’s posts. 




And I always enjoy reading Meg’s #high5fri posts where accomplishments big and small are celebrated.




The Food Network has also started airing it’s Christmas specials! I love Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver’s ones that have been on all week. It’s nice to see that Chef Ramsay can be so sweet with kids. Plus, I love all of the cool British holiday treats.



I also love things that remind me of my immaturity level. This sign was at a school that I teach bootcamp at.




Well now that I’ve shared my childish and questionable sense of humour with you, I think that’s enough for now.



Friday Faves–Getting Festive
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