Hi again! Look at me, two days in a row! Who else is psyched for long weekend? Steve and I have no solid plans for the weekend but I’m still looking forward to some R & R.



I may not have plans for the weekend but today I am heading to Stratford with my mom. It was her birthday on Sunday and so we’re heading to see Fiddler on the Roof.





I love a good musical. Fun fact: I went to a performing arts high school and actually won the musical theatre award.



Since I’m heading out the door shortly I’ll leave you with a few things I’ve been loving lately. 



Jenna Marbles



You can’t embed her videos but one of her most popular ones is here.


I have kind of a crude sense of humour and love her rants on life. Be warned, you may get sucked in watching her videos so be prepared and proceed with caution.



Macklemore – Same Love





I love the message of this song – I’m all about acceptance. That is all.



B.O.B. ft. 2 Chainz – Headband



On a totally different end of the spectrum and completely unrelated to the above video I really like this song. It may not be as deep as Macklemore’s song however, the message about dancing like I do it in the mirror really spoke to me….ok well maybe not but I still really like this song. 



One song I cannot stand right now is Pink’s Just Give me a Reason. That song is SO overplayed and every time I hear it I get rage-y. Nothing against Pink I just can’t deal with overplayed songs.



Pull Throughs



I’ve been doing these the past few weeks with a band and a rope attachment and boy do they work the glutes! I really want to make sure my booty looks amazing on stage and have been doing extra glute, calf and hamstring work to ensure my backside looks the way I want it too. 



This Guy



I consider myself to be a very lucky girl in many aspects of my life and Steve is a major part of that. He is just so supportive and doesn’t mind when I berate him with questions on nutrition or training or ask his opinions on what I’m doing. I feel very blessed. 



Let’s end things on that sappy note, shall we? I was checking over some of next week’s posts and I may have to tone a couple down, certain topics get me fired up apparently. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Friday Faves {7/24}
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2 thoughts on “Friday Faves {7/24}

  • August 2, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    Have a great time at Fiddler on the Roof! That’s one of my favourite musicals, and of course anything Stratford does is amazing. And that;s the main reason why I avoid top-40 radio…as soon as I hear something that I don’t hate, it gets overplayed to the point of ridiculousness and to where I cannot stand to ever hear it again.

    • August 5, 2013 at 9:36 am

      Fiddler was amazing! It’s always been a favourite of mine, but now I want to go back and see Romeo and Juliet and Tommy. Steve has satellite radio in his car and I really want it, stuff gets overplayed there too but there are waaaay more stations to choose from.


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